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November Awareness Campaigns Round-Up: Health and Well-Being Events

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Health and well-being campaigns are prevalent throughout November. Men’s mental health and well-being are a particular focus, including Movember and International Men’s Day.

Mental health issues are on the rise. Growing NHS waiting lists mean focusing on self-care for mental health, physical health and well-being increasingly important. 

1st–30th November: Movember Men’s Health Awareness Month

19th November: International Men’s Day

November’s health awareness has a particular slant towards male mental health. Movemeber and International Men’s Day seek to raise awareness around male health, especially mental health and suicide prevention. 

Every hour, we lose 60 men to suicide globally, and one in eight men has a mental health issue, but men are still statistically unlikely to seek help. These important days help bring this important topic into daily conversation.

Ask us for expert comments and advice on all aspects of men’s health, men’s mental health, self-compassion for men, the stigma around men’s mental health, and raising awareness of access to professional healthcare for men.

7th–11th November: International Stress Awareness Week

2nd November: National Stress Awareness Day

Both these events help raise awareness of the ways that stress can easily become pervasive and the impact it can have.  If left unchecked, stress can trigger serious health issues.

National Stress Awareness Day and International Stress Awareness Week are opportunities to reflect on stress levels and cultivate strategies to help us reduce them. 

Ask us for expert comments and advice on all aspects of the stress response system, managing stress and enhancing resilience to stress, recovery from stress-related burnout, managing stress through diet, and reducing anxiety.

13th November: World Kindness Day

This annual awareness day is an opportunity to consider our sense of shared humanity and to promote behaviours and initiatives that spread kindness and connectivity that help balance negativity and emotional unease. 

These soft skills are easily overlooked, but they are at the root of emotional equilibrium and training in them is essential to develop resilience and connectivity. 

Ask us for expert comments, advice on all aspects of developing kindness and compassion and tips for improving connection and belonging.

14th November: World Diabetes Day

The UK’s number of people under 40 diagnosed with type-2 diabetes has grown by 23% in the past five years. Globally, someone is diagnosed with type-2 diabetes every two minutes. This is a serious issue and one that requires better understanding.

This day raises awareness of diet and lifestyle choices that affect the illness, informing people of choices they can make now to avoid serious health issues later in life.

Ask us for expert comments and advice on all aspects of reducing sugar in the diet, and tips for healthy eating to avoid diabetes.

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