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Norwich University of the Arts Embracing Digital Signage with TrilbyTV

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Digital Signage solution TrilbyTV has released a brand new video highlighting how Norwich University of the Arts has helped its creative academic community thrive by enhancing the content on its screens.

Celebrating a sense of community

Norwich University of the Arts has established itself in arts, design, and media education for over 175 years, with cutting-edge facilities and a forward-thinking outlook. They are using their digital signage screens to share the successes and achievements of their students. TrilbyTV’s straightforward design has helped with its ease of use, simplifying the management of screens. Using the diverse features the SaaS signage solution provides has assisted the staff in creating dynamic, fresh content.

Carl Bayliss, head of technical services at Norwich University of the Arts, explained how the University is using TrilbyTV to transform communication with students, staff and visitors,

“It’s really important that we can get lots of information out to our students across campus. Digital signage gives us the ability to do that. Not only is it important that we do that in an informative way, but we do that in a creative way. I feel that TrilbyTV gives us an easy-to-use solution that makes it the perfect choice for us.”

Visual communication has been transformative in the way that the university shares information. Sharing activities, celebrating students’ work, and promoting events have also made an impact. This vibrant exchange of ideas and creativity has inspired and challenged their students and strengthened their sense of community.

Megan Thrift, marketing and events coordinator at Norwich University of the Arts, said, “It’s such an easy tool to show people all the different activities we have going on, which really helps with building that sense of community.”

This was expanded further by Norwich University of the Arts student Theo, who said, “It’s nice to see other people’s work and just get inspiration, and to know that your work is seen by other students and the university itself.”

Dedicated to nurturing the passions and skills of their artists, designers, and creators, Norwich University of the Arts has transformed its digital signage with versatile and creative content that centres around its students. TrilbyTV has enabled them to create a mixture of content and display different information across their screens. Giving access to multiple staff members has brought a reality of shared ownership around digital signage.

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