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The Norwegian Directorate of Health Chooses Doctrin for Its National Triage Solution

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The Norwegian Directorate of Health has procured Doctrin’s platform for triage for the national entrance for Norway’s residents when seeking healthcare, Helsenorge.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health, together with the Directorate for e-Health and the Norwegian Health Network SF, have procured a triage tool for doctors and medical clinics in Norway.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health requested a solution that would improve accessibility for vulnerable groups, increase the quality of care, improve accessibility, and contribute to a more cost-efficient use of resources. The procurement is for a pilot that will run until 31st December 2022.

One of the objectives for the pilot is to increase patient-centricity, enabling patients to become more active in their own care processes and influence decisions about their health. A great deal of focus is also placed on the triage tool being adapted to the care staff’s working methods by offering medical history reports, planning, and prioritisation.

‘This is a crucial pilot to meet the challenges that the medical clinics face, both in terms of workload and demands to work more digitally, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,’ says Nina Brøyn, project manager at the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Doctrin’s solutions are implemented at 250 healthcare units within primary, specialist, and dental care. It is also used by insurance providers across Sweden, Norway, and the Czech Republic with approx 2,000,000 patient contacts each year.

‘We are delighted to assist the Norwegian Directorate of Health in creating more accessible and efficient care with the patient at the centre. We were impressed by their clear objectives and how they have taken a holistic approach to healthcare challenges in Norway,’ says Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, MD, CEO of Doctrin.

Doctrin is Sweden’s leading provider of digital solutions for digi-physical care. Doctrin’s platform makes it easier to meet, treat, and follow up with patients in one place for a more efficient and integrated healthcare system. Documented results are more satisfied patients, improved quality of care, more efficient workflows with less administration, and a better working environment. The company has approximately 70 employees with operations in Sweden, UK, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

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