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NORTH Predicts Lidl, Bitburger, and Hellmann’s Will Dominate Men’s UEFA Euros Marketing This Summer

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According to a recent study by marketing professionals, Lidl, Bitburger, and Hellmann’s will win the highly anticipated Men’s UEFA Euros this summer.

The study used marketing outcomes from the 2022 Men’s World Cup to make predictions ahead of the football competition this summer.

Content performance and digital PR agency, NORTH, which specialises in marketing strategies for food and drink brands, evaluated ad campaigns from the 2022 World Cup and ranked food and drink brands according to several factors to determine which marketing campaign had the biggest impact. 

The beer brand Budweiser’s “The World Is Yours to Take” campaign won the marketing World Cup by a landslide, according to the research, followed by Frito-Lay and Chipotle. 

Following the 2022 World Cup, Budweiser saw a 65% increase in average monthly searches. The brand also increased X followers by 69% during the 2022 competition. 

Brewdog’s controversial Proud Anti-Sponsor of the World Cup campaign also increased brand awareness for the Scottish beer brand, with a 22% increase in Google searches during the World Cup after the advertising campaign launched. 

By contrast, some brands actually saw a dip in online searches despite launching advertising campaigns during the World Cup. Taco Bell, Frito-Lay, and McDonald’s all saw online searches decrease by 18%.

Based on all of the 2022 marketing outcomes, NORTH has taken a look at the brands sponsoring the Men’s Euros this summer to predict who will dominate the food and drink choices of football fans. 

  • Hellmann’s. Having already launched their partnership with Jack Grealish (releasing a recipe for the official ‘Grealish Burger’), the brand is already off to a head start, having achieved an almost 4% increase in Instagram followers in the last 90 days, and a 2% increase in followers on TikTok during the same time period.
  • Bitburger. Rivalling Budweiser, beer brand Bitburger has the potential to take the top spot. The brand has seen a 1% increase in followers on Instagram in the last 90 days. Global Google searches for the brand are also up 22% in the last three months. As the third best-selling Pilsner in Germany, the beer is brewed in the tournament’s host country and is set to make waves in the UK this summer.
  • Lidl. Lidl currently sits in the top 30% of the best performing profiles on Instagram, according to its growth rate. Global Google searches for the brand are up 83% this year, compared to figures from the previous year.

Senior digital PR manager at NORTH said: “At NORTH, we’re constantly collecting data and analysing marketing trends from this sector – it’s such a huge industry worldwide with big marketing budgets, so it’s fascinating to see how campaigns perform. 

“Just like John Lewis at Christmas, we know sporting events like the Euros are when food and drink brands really like to splash their cash with big marketing campaigns. Some of the most famous campaigns in the world have been from food and drink brands during worldwide sporting events. We wanted to conduct research to see what type of marketing campaigns really cut through during sporting events and also which brand we should be getting most excited about during the Euros.” 

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