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6 Nootropics Ingredients for Enhanced Mental Focus

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Originally developed to aid those with ADHD, nootropics have rapidly seen an increase in demand due to their diverse ability to stimulate focus, enhance awareness and generally improve cognitive power. With a range of natural options available that have been added to a variety of products (including energy drinks and health supplements), they can typically be purchased over the counter, as well as through prescription. As far as mental focus is aware, researchers have identified an assortment of benefits that Nootropics have on the human mind and brain function. Here are 5 ingredients that can help to improve your thinking power with minimal fuss.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Originating in Asia and being used by Buddhist Monks for millennia, this ingredient doesn’t just sound intriguing – it boasts a great selection of potential as far as boosting brain power is concerned. One key chemical that the brain relies on is choline acetyltransferase and this particular ingredient works to trigger its production, allowing a calm, settled demeanour with beneficial focus and concentration capabilities. Containing 500mg of this ingredient, an especially effective product on the market is Hunter Focus, which will stimulate your mind like a historic hunter in search of prey.

Ginkgo biloba

Another ancient ingredient, Ginkgo biloba is actually a spice with a wide range of mind-enhancing benefits. Helping to increase acetylcholine in the brain, experts consider this one of the best Nootropic ingredients on the market. Not only does it work by increasing mental function; but it can also stimulate cell regeneration, keeping your mind youthful for longer when used over time.

Alpha GPC

Complimenting the naturally occurring acetylcholine produced by the brain, Alpha GPC is considered one of the most potent Nootropics because it doesn’t just have active ingredients – it also works alongside other organic chemicals to offer a double effect. Nootropics for mental health have long been studied in controlled environments and one factor stands out among the rest more often than most – and that’s that Alpha GPC boasts some of the highest brain-cell stimulating capabilities of any Nootropic.

Fish oils

Omega 3 and 6 have long been used to treat even the most serious mental conditions including Alzheimer’s and Dementia, showing signs of being able to repair cells that have been damaged by these diseases. Although a seemingly general term; fish oils are undeniably potent when it comes to mental potential and as they are widely available over the counter, there’s really no reason why these particular ingredients shouldn’t be included in every adult’s diet. There are even child supplements that have been specially formulated to improve mental function in kids and young adults.


When taken sparingly as opposed to consistently, caffeine has been shown to be capable of promoting the repair of damaged brain cells, as well as fortifying chemical-producing ducts and encouraging them to behave years and years younger. There is still much debate on how much caffeine is enough caffeine, but all that you have to do is look to the more organically-derived energy drinks containing this ingredient to see just how tried and trusted it is for brain function. Furthermore, caffeine can be taken in controlled supplements on a daily basis instead of drinking coffee or energy drinks to eliminate any risk of addiction or sugar intake.

Nootropics for increased function

These 5 effective Nootropic ingredients can help to stimulate your mind and keep you aware and focused for hours at a time. As with all things, moderation is key, but if you keep on top of your daily intake, there’s really no reason why you should start to see a difference in as little an amount of time as a few weeks. The first signs of cognitive betterment are memory improvement, cognitive functionality, clear eye movement and mental focus. Once you start to see these changes to your health, you can rest assured that the Nootropics are beginning to take effect.

Before taking any supplements or changing your diet, always consult a medical professional to seek their advice and guidance, as no two people are the same and different reactions and results can be expected.

Zuella Montemayor did her degree in psychology at the University of Toronto. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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