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Nights on Lottie 2023: £1000+ Gifts Exclusively for UK Carers and Care Workers

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To mark this year’s Carers’ Rights Day (Thursday, 23rd November 2023), later living marketplace Lottie is launching their annual Night’s on Lottie Pledgea not-for-profit initiative that offers care workers and carers a break from their caring responsibilities.

This year’s Christmas giveaway offers carers the chance to win exciting prizes worth up to £250 each day, including theatre tickets, shopping vouchers, and plenty of dining experiences. 10 winners will be chosen at random between 5th and 15th December, after the competition closes on Sunday, 3rd December 2023. 

Last year, Lottie launched the first Night’s on Lottie, supported by The Care Workers Charity and endorsed by Strictly Come Dancing judge Anton Du Beke, giving away 1000 free night stays exclusively to carers nationwide.

Lottie’s latest research has found unpaid carers are out of pocket by £2494 per year, and almost half of carer support applications have been rejected over the last two years by local authorities (including the rejection of financial support for those who need it most), leaving an estimated 6.5 million carers at breaking point, both financially and emotionally.

“We’ve found carers are struggling to balance the financial pressure of Christmas and caregiving responsibilities. Coupled with our new research that shows carers are out of pocket by £2494 per year and almost half of carer support applications have been rejected, carers are turning online and desperately seeking support for their mental health worries.

Over the last 12 months, online searches for “carer burnout symptoms” have increased by 400%, and searches for “carer exhaustion” have increased by 100%. It’s a very worrying situation, and we’re seeing first-hand the stress that carers are under in the run-up to Christmas,” shares Will Donnelly, co-founder at Lottie.

That’s why our Night on Lottie pledge for 2023 will focus on offering carers the opportunity to enjoy a night-in or night-out however they like. Through our latest giveaway, carers have the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved night-in or night-out within the comfort of their own homes or enjoy a cinema, theatre, or dining experience.

We’re so proud to be launching our carers Christmas giveaway on Carers Rights Day 2023 and to recognise and celebrate the efforts of carers, both paid and unpaid. We’re urging all carers across the country to share their experiences with us and nominate themselves for our ultimate giveaway”, concludes Will Donnelly.

Karolina Gerlich, CEO of The Care Workers Charity, said: “Since 2009, we’ve supported thousands of social care workers through financial hardships, including giving almost £2 million in support to carers via our emergency fund grants during 2020. Unfortunately, unless there is industry-wide change that offers social care workers the help they need, we expect the number of carers we help to significantly rise over the winter months. Every bit helps, and we are delighted to support Lottie’s mission to champion the incredible efforts of carers across the UK”.

Night’s On Lottie 2023: Carers Christmas giveaway – everything you need to know:

Starting from the 5th of December and running until the 15th of December, each day will bring a new chance for carers to win prizes that aim to bring joy, relaxation, and a well-deserved break.

Entries are open for carers to self-nominate themselves for a chance to win on Carers Rights Day on Thursday, 23rd November, and will close on Sunday, 3rd December.

From theatre tickets and Sainsbury’s vouchers to plenty of dining options, carers can enjoy the ultimate night in or out this Christmas.

Lottie encourages carers across the UK, both paid and unpaid, to participate in this initiative, sharing gratitude for the dedication of carers and encouraging a sense of community support.

Lottie is also giving all members of Care Space (Lottie’s online carer support group) the opportunity to double their entry into Lottie’s carers Christmas giveaway. All you have to do is join Care Space if you’re not already a member.

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