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Nicola Murgatroyd to Guest on ‘All things Autism’ at Women’s Radio Station


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‘Your child dying before you – that’s the wrong way around isn’t it? ‘Will you be all right when I die Mummy?’  The words hit my chest and stomach like a forceful kick.  It was bedtime, we’d just finished story time, and I was tucking her in.  Always a struggle, with the ventilator, bed rails, incontinence sheet, night time medication – not to mention the teddies.  Everything had to be in the right place, exactly the right place, or no one in the house would get any sleep that night.’

The founder of MyLiferaft is Nicola Murgatroyd, her daughter, Faith had spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Together with her partner, they faced an uphill struggle managing Faith’s different care needs. Not one to sit around grumbling about this, Nicola created MyLiferaft for the benefit of everyone caring, or being cared for.

Nicola also runs the Happy Ponies of the Isle of Wight, a fun group of Shetland ponies and a Dartmoor pony. They can regularly be seen around the island helping both children and adults of all abilities smile through their ‘pat a pony’ days.

More about Nicola

From 1998 to 2011, she is the founder & CEO of Phlexglobal – a specialist provider of technology-enabled, Trial Master File (TMF & eTMF) document management solutions and other services to the global clinical market.  The company offers a combination of clinical trial knowledge, document management skills, regulatory understanding and technical expertise.

And then from 2014 until now, she serves as the founder & CEO of MyLiferaft. Integrating health, care and well-being online, MyLiferaft supports the growing need for individuals, and their carers, to take ownership of their care.

About MyLiferaft

Leading the way in integrating health, care and well-being online, MyLiferaft supports the growing need for individuals, and their carers, to take more ownership of their care. As a sophisticated platform to store and connect health and well-being information, MyLiferaft cuts out the frustrating repetition and inconsistency that can exist across an individual`s care network.

Linking social services, NHS GP, hospitals, practitioners and family members as required, it`s a straightforward, effective and essential tool within the rapidly expanding Health Technology sector.

What MyLiferaft can do

  • Store your health and care information (and then control who sees it).
  • Create your hospital passport (information for hospital staff that isn’t all about illness).
  • Keep track and be reminded of appointments and assessments.
  • Share your care information with those who support you.


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