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Dr Nicholas Troop is a health psychologist with a background in eating disorders. Nicholas earned his BSc from the University of Dundee in 1992 and did his PhD in the Eating Disorders Unit at the Institute of Psychiatry, where he was supervised by Dr Janet Treasure for his research project on ‘Coping and Crisis Support in Eating Disorders’. Nicholas taught at London Metropolitan University and the University of Essex.

His research has spanned the role of life events, coping and crisis support in the aetiology of eating disorders, moving into social rank and attachment as well as stress- and trauma-responses more generally.

More recently, Nicholas has been exploring self-compassion/reassurance, including strategies to improve these using expressive writing. This recent interest has also led him to begin researching the role of music and songwriting on well-being. He also supervised Dennis Relojo-Howell in carrying out research within this area.

Several papers from this work are currently in the pipeline. Perhaps most satisfying is that this work has finally joined together two areas of interest; Nicholas has been a songwriter and musician longer than he has been a psychologist so now he gets to do justice to both.

You can view his Google Scholar profile here. Currently, he teaches at the University of Hertfordshire. You can follow him on Twitter @NicholasTroop. He maintains a songwriting project called 37 Songs.

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