Nicholas Jenner


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Nicholas Jenner is a dedicated online psychologist with a passion to help individuals and couples get their life back.

In his long career as a therapist, Dr Jenner has been at the business end of changing the way couples and individuals think about themselves, others and the way they see the world. Using effective methods and applying realistic thinking, Dr Jenner helps the people he works with to realise their full potential. With couples, he helps individuals to make use of their strengths to bring about function and harmony. Working on the conditioning they brought into the relationship, he teaches them to make use of the window of opportunity they have to manage conflict and enhance connection.

He recently authored an article on Psychreg which addresses the critical questions that help couples to realise what they can do to build a secure base for their relationship.

You can visit his website, to learn more about him and his service. You can follow him on Twitter @DrNJenner.

Published: 13 September 2016


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