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New Pre-Check Service Aims to Speed Up NHS Login Application Process

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NHS Digital has made secure access to a variety of digital apps and services easier through NHS login thanks to a new process that allows applicants to check their photo ID in advance.

NHS login is a secure service that allows patients to gain swift and secure access to their healthcare information across a variety of connected apps and platforms, including the NHS App, wherever they see the NHS login button. This reduces the need for multiple logins and passwords by creating a single point of access to these apps.

In a similar way to how people can make sure their passport photographs are acceptable, users can use the NHS login precheck service to make sure their photo ID meets the necessary criteria.

This will help to reduce the number of failed applications, making the process much quicker for many people.

NHS login has already hit one million registered users since the service was launched in 2018.

Other improvements to NHS login in recent months have seen NHS Digital set up a new help centre, built into the system, to guide people through the application process and to answer any questions they might have before submitting.

For users that don’t require access to medical records, NHS Digital has also introduced a mid-level verification process which makes setting up an NHS login even faster as all that is required is the user’s contact details.

With some services, users can be given trimmed down access to platforms with the option to upgrade to full access, including their medical records, in the future.

Melissa Ruscoe, Programme Head of NHS login at NHS Digital said: ‘The new precheck service is a fantastic addition to NHS login, making it easier and faster for people registering with the service to know that the documents they are supplying meet our criteria.

‘We have already seen that NHS login has been a portal to allow people to access healthcare services digitally, which has been particularly important during the coronavirus response and we hope the continued improvements will see these numbers continue to rise.’


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