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Anna Kennedy OBE Is Proud to Colloborate with NHS England Peer Leadership Development Programme

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Anna Kennedy OBE and her team are pleased to support the Lived Experience Team, with the launch of their new promotional video for the Peer Leadership Development Programme.

The Peer Leadership Development Programme launched on the interactive learning platform FutureLearn in November 2020. Over the past six months, NHS England have had over 1,500 learners enrol on the course. Their new video focuses on graduates’ experiences of the programme, what matters to them, and how they are using what they learned on the course.

NHS England want to reach as many people as possible, so they are planning a social media takeover and asking for help from their supporters to back the social media takeover.

Not only will the promotion of the programme help to recruit 500 peer leaders as outlined in the Universal Personalised Care Model nationally. It will also help people to gain more understanding and knowledge of personalised care and the difference it can make.
Kelly Bainbridge Personalised Care Manager (lived experience) for North Team NHS England and Anna Kennedy Online in the new term are arranging a workshop mid-September on the back of Anna Kennedy’s petition

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