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NHS Digital Launches New Social Care Cyber Security resources

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NHS Digital’s flagship security awareness toolkit, Keep I.T. Confidential, has been updated to help support social care organisations to improve security culture within their care settings1.

The free campaign materials, developed in partnership with Digital Social Care, are specifically designed to be used by social care organisations to help improve staff knowledge of cyber security concerns such as phishing, data sharing, unlocked screens and weak passwords.

Assets included in the toolkit are:

  • Screensavers
  • Web banners
  • Social media graphics
  • Suggested copy for bulletins and newsletters

The campaign, which first launched in 2019 to clinical staff in healthcare organisations, has now been updated to meet some of the challenges faced by the social care sector.

The materials are relevant across all types of adult social care such as nursing homes and supported living.

NHS Digital’s Executive Director of Cyber Operations, Mike Fell, said: ‘Good security practices are our shared responsibility and being cyber aware can significantly reduce the chance of cyber events affecting people’s care.

‘We know how busy staff are, but we encourage everyone to prioritise cyber hygiene as much as they can to protect the NHS and social care against vulnerabilities.

‘Taking small, simple steps and considering security in your day-to-day work can make a huge difference and we hope this campaign can really drive that change.’

Michelle Corrigan, Programme Director, Better Security, Better Care, said: ‘The Better Security, Better Care programme welcomes the strong messages for social care providers and their staff in the Keep I.T. Confidential campaign. Protecting people’s data is really a safeguarding issue as we all store and share more and more information digitally.

‘Our sector is making good progress, with increasing numbers of care providers demonstrating that they have good data and cyber security arrangements in place, by using the official Data Security and Protection Toolkit. But there is definitely room for improvement.

‘The Keep I.T. Confidential campaign provides valuable, clear advice for care staff and we encourage everyone to share these messages widely.’

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