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NHS Digital Launches New Content In Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

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Keep IT Confidential aims to help NHS staff understand more about cybersecurity threats and know what to do to reduce the risk.

Keep IT Confidential is an online cybersecurity awareness toolkit, which is available for free, to help NHS trusts and other healthcare organisations learn about common-sense security practices and the impact they can have on patient safety.

It includes practical steps that staff can adopt into their everyday jobs, such as setting secure passwords, keeping devices locked when they’re not in use, and being aware of phishing, email scams and social engineering.

Launched by NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre, the materials have been designed to help NHS organisations run their own cyber security awareness campaigns at a time and in a way that suits them.

After a successful first launch in 2019, new information has been added on data security and being aware of the impacts of sharing too much information.

NHS Digital’s chief information security officer, Neil Bennett said: ‘Taking small simple steps such as setting a strong password and keeping your screens and devices locked when they’re not in use, are vital for the NHS and patient safety. Considering cybersecurity in your day to day lives can make a huge difference and help to keep ourselves and patients protected online and in our workplaces.

‘We know how busy NHS staff are, so we want to help them understand the importance of cybersecurity and how it can benefit their working lives in a quick and simple way.’

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