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New York-Based Peer Support Charity City Voices Looking for Volunteers

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If you’re reading, you have decided that you want to help Dan Frey and the team behind City Voices to work toward making the lives of people with mental health and/or addiction challenges a little happier, a little easier.

Most volunteer opportunities are remote (virtual). All you need is a connection to the internet and the means to type, email, text, research, Zoom, engage in social media, and communicate. Of course having a phone is important too.

They plan virtual (worldwide) and in-person (New York City) events both small and large, put content on the website and on social media, run support groups (Peer Workers United), and build friendships (The Friendship Squad).

In the future, City Voices would like to develop a programme that addresses a special kind of stigma that our community deals with every day called: self-stigma. This kind of self-abuse happens in our minds and works to beat us down, making it hard to have the confidence to put ourselves out into the world and see our dreams fulfilled.

Contact Dan Frey (cityvoices1995@gmail.com) and prepare to share your hopes and dreams for a healthy, happy community of (peer) support. You can also share how you would like to contribute to the effort. Maybe you have a good idea for a new project.

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