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New Year, New You? New Exercise Regime? Keep Traumeel Close to Hand!

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After the excesses of Christmas, many of us look to January as a month to make changes in our lives. A new exercise regime is often one of those resolutions. With any form of exercise, however (especially those new to it) comes the risk of injury. 

Many of us are no longer happy popping pills for pain and inflammation and look to topical pain relief.  However, no matter how effective ibruprofen or paracetamol are, we may also want to look to a more natural remedy, so it is good to know that topical Traumeel is a totally natural, effective alternative.

Traumeel is the only 100% natural treatment that has randomised clinical studies and a large gold standard randomised controlled study (TAASS) to prove its effectiveness. The TAASS study demonstrated that topical Traumeel (ointment and gel) was as effective as topical diclofenac 1% gel for improving pain and function in active adults with acute ankle sprain.  

All these studies show Traumeel to be safer and better tolerated than NSAIDs among users, making it a safe and equally effective natural alternative to conventional medicine for the whole family. 

Inflammation is the body’s response to muscle or joint injury and can limit movement and protect against further damage. It is an essential part of the recovery process, and without a certain level of inflammation healing is compromised. However, excessive inflammation can be detrimental to recovery and cause pain.

Traumeel brings together a carefully chosen, natural ingredients that target inflammation and promote recovery in different, complementary ways. Traumeel works to restore the balance.

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