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New Wellness Product Launch: Mental Health Art Activities That Focus on Wellness and Creativity

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Oefy has launched unique Art Therapy KitsThese kits are composed of art activities for mental health and include project materials, supplies, instructions, and a workbook.

The Art Therapy Kit offers a new way to experience art at the home, office, or in the park. The portable kit has organized compartments that keep your art supplies and tools neat, tidy, and ready for use.

Structured activities help teens and adults recovering from trauma tell their personal stories, improve coping skills, and express tough emotions in art. Explore on your own, or use it with a therapist to improve emotional resilience.

Benefits of creative expression

  • Develop self-awareness and insights through reflection.
  • Explore emotions to gain control of thoughts and behaviours.
  • Gain perspective and direction through structured activities.
  • Learn mindful practices through creating art.
  • Boost self-esteem and learn coping skills.
  • Regulate emotions and alleviate anxiety.
  • Create clarity and resolve.

Expressive Art Therapy Kit

Workbook and supplies for 20+ art therapy projects to improve self-awareness and coping skills – Helps teens and adults with recovery, emotional expression, and problem-solving.

Promote fun, healthy art therapy sessions with this all-inclusive limited-edition kit. With ample supplies for 20+ projects and a workbook to structure the activities, this art therapy kit helps you build confidence and improve problem-solving and coping skills.

Solo or assisted art therapy 

Do the art therapy activities in this small-batch art kit alone or as part of a broader plan for recovery and healing. Teens can use this expressive art kit with their parents to reflect on relationships or explore emotional regulation and resilience issues with their therapist.

Numerous structured activities 

Use this art therapy kit’s 20+ structured activities to decrease stress, reduce depression, and improve emotional well-being. The workbook lets you work at your own pace on the art therapy projects and in any order you wish, providing step-by-step instructions for confidently completing each activity.

Flexible art therapy supplies 

Draw, paint, sculpt, and craft collages with this versatile expressive art therapy kit. Gouache paints, mini watercolour pencils, mica, and dual-tip markers bring colour and beauty to crafts, while tools like scissors, rulers, tape, and glue put everything you need to create at your fingertips.

Easy on-the-go creation 

Explore your creativity at home or on the go with this small-batch art therapy kit. Packed in an attractive green diamond zippered tote with compartments for each art supply and tool, this art therapy kit lets you stay organised no matter where you’re exploring expressive art ideas and figuring out life direction issues.

Included in the creative Arts Therapy Kit

  • 20+ therapeutic activities and projects
  • Quality art supplies in an organised storage case
  • Brushes, sponges, cups, and clay tools
  • Gouache paints and mini watercolour pencils
  • Gel pens, dual tip and skin tone markers 
  • Embellishments: Stickers, collages, words, and mica
  • Glue, scissors, ruler, and washi tape 

The Art Therapy Kit is now available through Amazon. It’s a great gift for parent-teen bonding, those in recovery, or those needing a creative outlet.

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