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10 New Ways to Increase Followers on Instagram

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Instagram is a dynamic platform. The algorithms and tactics for successful growth are changing constantly, as the network evolves to become more engaging. Due to a big variety of blogs and influencers, today it can be hard to gain many subscribers in the short term. Of course, there is always a cheap option to buy followers for only 1$, but it doesn’t mean that one should stop attracting real users. The art of effective growth strategy has no limits because it is individual for any niche and person. However, there are some versatile tips that you can borrow to create and maintain a productive and functional blog on Instagram with many followers. In this article are collected the top 10  terrific strategies to get more subscribers.

Optimise your account

To get the best outcome for your future follower hunt, you must prepare your profile first. Think of your bio as your personal brand identity. Optimization of your profile consists of a few key points:

  • Profile picture. This tiny image represents you on Instagram, this is an icon that people see as they look for you in search, or whenever they see your comment, stories, or any other activity. So, for personal blogs the best choice will be a portrait. Some users order digital portraits which are good as well. Brands should choose a logo or anagram of their name.
  • Username. It has to be easy to remember and catchy, so people will feel interested enough to visit your page. Avoid numbers and special characters, unless you use them permanently as a part of your nickname.
  • Bio. Here you have to place a short description that tells people what they can expect to see in your blog. Here you can also place a link and stream the traffic to the page you need.

Schedule your work

Consistent posting is one of the vital elements that allow you to gain more followers on Instagram. Due to specific algorithms, if you publish new content randomly, your audience will lose it in the flow of other posts. So, you have to maintain a constant uploading plan. First of all, the timing has to be comfortable for you, and you should leave yourself spare time for gathering new ideas and spending time with your friends and family, as well as other offline activities. According to that thought, concentrate on your online presence during workdays, while on the weekends your followers would leave Instagram for the sake of their personal offline business.

Use various instruments that Instagram offers

To expand your audience, you should present content of numerous types. Instagram offers quite a wide range of instruments that can make your blog productive and interesting.

Here is a list of them with a brief description:

  • Feed posts. Here you can upload photos and videos (one minute limit). Also, in your feed, you can post long texts.
  • Carousel. This is an additional option for your feed, that allows you to add multiple items to your post, up to ten. Sometimes you can manipulate this feature to squeeze in more text.
  • Stories. One of the top features on this platform, that has actually made Instagram such a phenomenal experience for many people. This is a sort of vanishing content, where you can make up new posts on the spur of the moment and document your daily life.
  • Reels. The feature that is analogous to TikTok videos; it’s a fresh way to attract users with trendy content.
  • Live streaming. In live sessions, you can improve your bond with the audience as you talk to them in a real-time format.
  • IGTV. This option is accustomed for uploading videos that are longer than one minute. 

Provide original content

Why do people want to follow someone on Instagram? They like what they see; they get useful information or positive emotions while watching your posts. Also, they may feel related to the lifestyle you have, and share similar ideas or so. However, they want to see your point of view. Your work is to provide what you think, feel, or do. And that’s the most precious thing you can give to your audience, and it is very valuable in terms of promotion. Concentrate on what you know and do best. And of course, wrap it all in your charisma.

Analyse your target audience

To grow a successful account on social media, Instagram in particular, you must understand who your target group is and create your content accordingly to their expectations and preferences. Look what your target audience follows on social media, not only on IG, and try to operate in these spheres to increase engagement. If you offer your potential followers what they want and expect to see, you will grow your account progressively. Using implemented analytics of Instagram will also provide detailed surveillance of the behavior of your subscribers, so your strategy can be improved quickly.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a tool that helps you to reach your audience. This feature is especially precious and effective since people can subscribe to their favorite hashtags on Instagram. So, analyze your niche and find out which keywords are the most relevant for your blog, choose a bunch of top popular tags, and add a few original ones that will reflect your blog.

Use cross-platform promotion

To attract as many people as possible, you can redirect them from other places you are present. For example, nowadays the decent method to drive users to your Instagram is to promote actively on Tik Tok. Currently, this platform provides the most organic and quick growth of awareness. It is lenient to embrace and gives plenty of ideas for your Instagram posts too ( you can repost your Tik Tok videos there). But, for this tactic to succeed, you must ensure that you have exclusive materials for each platform, to motivate people to stay as your followers on both of them.

Collect feedback and talk

Communication drives your growth on social media. People love social networks for the possibility to talk with others and discover new personalities. You must address your followers, encourage them to respond to you, and offer ideas of their own. Listen carefully to what your viewers think of your content and find ways to improve your strategy. By being friendly and open to communication you will surely attract more users.

Enter the community

To get not only followers but exclusive experience and knowledge, you should communicate with other bloggers from your niche. Take the best tips from more skilled colleagues, and use them to create your content and develop a worthy strategy. By exchanging experiences with other bloggers, you can significantly improve your understanding of the way the platform works, thus, with time, you will make more effective decisions.

Just be yourself

Whatever industry you are occupying, and whatever stage your blog is in at the moment, it is extremely important to display your opinions and thoughts sincerely. People like to see someone who is passionate about what they do, and who doesn’t pretend. A true image of life is a problem of social media that emerged as bloggers were exposing false content, artificially improving their bodies and lives, as well as changing their opinions according to trends they noticed in society. But modern users are smart, and any lie can be traced and exposed, dumping your reputation immediately.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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