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New Survey: London Named UK’s Swearing Capital

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No matter who you are, we’re all prone to saying bad words when something irritates or surprises us. Whether stubbing your toe on the coffee table or a bad case of road rage, swearing is a normal part of most people’s lives in the UK – but in which city do people have the most foul mouths?

In a new survey from Gambling.com, people were asked to give their opinion on which city they think is home to the biggest swearers in the UK and which swearwords they use the most.

The UK’s potty mouth cities

10 UK cities with the worst potty mouths, according to survey respondents, along with the question that was asked.

In which UK city do you think people swear the most?

The survey results revealed that UK residents see London as the home to the biggest swearers in the country, with almost ¼ of all respondents voting for the capital. The city of Liverpool follows in the footsteps of its Anfield-based football club, claiming 17.10% of the total vote, followed by one of two Scottish cities on the top 10 list in Glasgow with 16.97%.

Newcastle again claims the top spot for self-proclaimed sweaters, with 50.90% of Geordies stating that they frequently use swear words daily.

However, when asked about their own swearing habits, the survey results reveal a different story – UK cities for swearing based on the percentage of respondents from that city who stated they swear frequently.

How often do you swear in your day-to-day life?

This question revealed that Newcastle is the foul-mouthed capital of the UK, with over half of their voters stating that they swear frequently on a day-to-day basis, followed closely by Leeds with 48.48% and Belfast with 42.86%.

The most popular swear words in the UK

The survey respondents were also asked to state which swear words they use the most. Which swear words do you use the most?

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