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New Study Reveals the Words That Brits Love the Most

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Words play a vital role in our everyday lives – whether it’s conveying an idea, expressing an emotion or stating a desire. Without them, it would be incredibly difficult to communicate with others. 

There are thousands of words that make up our vocabulary; some of which we use almost every single day without realising, while others are slightly more obscure, only being spoken or written down once in a while or on special occasions. 

A new survey of 1,500 Brits, conducted by thortful.com, looked to reveal the words that Brits appreciate the most. 

Looking at the findings, ‘cuddle’ is the UK’s most loved word, with 77% of Brits agreeing that they love this word, it’s not hard to see why. It seems Brits are more sentimental than we like to admit. 

This favoured word was closely followed by ‘picturesque’ in second place (76.9%) and “aurora” in third (74.9%) – two other pleasant-sounding and positive-meaning words. 

But not all the words that made it onto the most-loved list were quite so obvious. Perhaps the more surprising choices included ‘kerfuffle’ (70.7%), ‘nook’ (62.5%), ‘oblivion’ (62%), and ‘effervescence’ (61.9%). 


Taking the top spot as the most loved word by Brits is ‘cuddle’ (77.1%), which perhaps isn’t that surprising given that it means holding close in one’s arms as a way of showing love or affection.

Our research also discovered that this particular word is most loved by those from the West Midlands, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Clearly, there are lots of cuddles going on in these areas.


Used to describe something that is visually attractive, such as a beautiful landscape or streets, ‘picturesque’ is the second most loved word in the UK (76.9%).

Interestingly, picturesque is the top word loved by those in the South East, North East, and East of England, as well as the East Midlands. So, if you’re looking for scenic views, you might want to look into these areas.


Not used nearly often enough is ‘aurora’ in third (74.9%)! So, the next time you see a beautiful skyline before sunrise, you’ll have a lovely word to describe it. Given that this is the most popular word in South West England and London, perhaps the early morning views there are particularly stunning.


Not only is ‘serendipity’ one of the most loved words in the UK (72.1%), but it’s pretty fun to say. Think about it, can you really say serendipity in an angry tone?

Its meaning is equally as positive, basically referring to having unexpected good luck. Being the top word for those from North West England, maybe they’re a bunch of serendipitists.


While it might not be the most positive word on our list, a kerfuffle is a rather delicate and polite way to refer to a commotion. This might be why 70.7% of Brits put it down as one of their most loved words, and it’s actually the most loved by those from Yorkshire.

A spokesperson at thortful comments on the study said: ‘With so many unique and beautiful words out there in the world, we were intrigued to see which ones’ the UK love the most, from totally obscure words to ones with utterly lovely meanings. Whether you wish to broaden your vocabulary, or are simply looking for better ways to express your love or feelings, these are Britain’s most loved words.’

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