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New Study Reveals Age Isn’t Holding Over 50’s Back from Achieving Their Life Goals

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The Life Begins at 50 report, from the team at travel insurance company Staysure has surveyed 2,000 UK residents, all aged 50+, to discover more about the life goals of those who have hit the half-century milestone and how their feelings towards embracing adventure have changed since entering the new chapter of their lives.

The study revealed that age is certainly not an obstacle for those over the age of 50, with 2 in 3 (66%) saying that they are only as old as they feel, and more than two thirds (67%) admitting they feel as though they are in a great position to fulfil all of their life ambitions.

In fact, 62% of respondents have said that since hitting the half-century mark, they have gained a new perspective on life and feel that they need to embrace life more than they do at present, as it’s about adventure.

For some, this focus on making the most of every day is manifested in the desire to travel more, a popular life goal for 39% of participants.  For others, the chance to immerse themselves in live music by attending more gigs and concerts (14%) is a main focus, while making more friends is another priority for 20% of those polled.

Ryan Howsam, founder and CEO of Staysure, which commissioned the survey, said: “We all know being 50 isn’t old, but most of us regard it as one of life’s milestones. It’s great to see people aged 50 and older adopting a zest for life and fulfilling life-long ambitions.

“As the research suggests, this is because they now have more time for themselves and feel ready to take on new challenges. At Staysure, we’ve recognised this for years, and that’s why our ethos is to allow people of any age to travel and see the world without having costly restrictions on their travel insurance. Age shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying something they’re passionate about or block them from trying out new things. That’s why our policies have no age limits, so our customers have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, whatever their age.”

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