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New Sleep Supplement Claims It Reduces Anxiety

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A revolutionary new sleep supplement has hit the market and early adopters are making some exciting claims, suggesting it has dramatically improved the quality of their sleep and even their libido. Vegan and 100% natural whole food extracts, Neuro Rest’s unique blend helps the mind and body relax while calming the nervous system.

With over one third of the UK’s population suffering from compromised sleep quality, studies have demonstrated this can result in increased anxiety, a drastic lowering of cognitive function 1 and testosterone levels 2, with knock on effects for libid and health. A recent study from the American Heart Association demonstrated that people getting six hours of quality sleep or less had double the risk of death from heart attack or stroke.

In order to counter the debilitating influences of modern life Neuro Rest gently promotes high quality sleep helping you wake up refreshed and energised by regulating sleeping patterns. Another study on Utmost Me customers aged between 34 and 54 revealed more than 8 in 10 said it “significantly relieved anxiety” and half claimed impressive fat loss levels, an improvement in their complexion and/or a surge in their libido.

As a result of their findings, Utmost Me have recently launched their “Finding It Hard” advertising campaign, which promotes a direct correlation between good sleep and a healthy sex drive.

Louise Cartwright, a 34 year old South African working as a manager in the advertising industry living with her boyfriend had become run down by the competitive nature of working and living in a big city. As a result their sex life was affected.

“I suddenly had enough energy to start exercising first thing in the morning. We had energy to cook healthily in the evening, conversation went up and our sex life has improved considerably as a result.”

Laura Bartlett, 29, retired from hockey after competing at the Beijing and London Olympic games winning bronze in 2012. Initially, the Glaswegian took to life as an HR professional effortlessly, earning well in the city while being able to enjoy freedoms that she wasn’t privy to as a full-time sportswoman.

“Restless nights really started to kick in after a year. I’d lived in a hockey bubble since I was 16. Anxiety had crept in and I felt trapped in a vicious cycle as that in turn would further hamper my sleep. Reluctant to rely on medicinal sleeping aids, a friend, who was a fan of Utmost Me’s nootropic, suggested I tried their Neuro Rest.”

Victoria Adams, 30 year old Stockbroker and part-time yoga teacher from London was juggling two separate careers on a daily basis, alongside trying to maintain strong relationships with her clients, and was close to complete burnout before turning to Neuro Rest. Describing her lifestyle as a “million miles a minute”, Victoria found it intensely stressful to be the master of two different career paths while preserving a calm approach for yoga.

“Sleeping was secondary priority with 10 hour working days, including client calls in middle of night, but now my whole sleeping pattern and ability to focus has improved through Utmost Me. I am finding it incredibly easier to relax and sleep. I also feel super energised in the morning after a refreshing night’s rest. I’m back to juggling the dream job while keeping up the day job, as well as feeling great in the process.”
Dave Payne is a TV presenter and voice over artist. He’s presented and voiced for the likes of Channel 5, Sky, The London Olympics, Sport Relief and Virgin Media TV. He has two young children and is 33 years old.

“I wanted to wake up feeling like I had actually been to sleep. Like it had done me some good. It made me feel like I had switched off and reset the batteries.”

Anandi “The Sleep Guru” boasting over 10,000 Followers looking for insight in to peaceful sleep, is formally an insomniac and now a teacher of breathing techniques and yoga at retreats. Even Anandi is prone to ‘losing her sleeping rhythm’ when travelling and is now a staunch advocate of Neuro Rest.

Richard Turnbull, 36, the Founder and CEO of Utmost Me chose to develop Neuro Rest after suffering from bad sleep when his children were born.

“Even after they began sleeping through the night I struggled to get back to normal. I lost focus at work and felt like I was not reaching my potential.”

So no matter if you’re a world-class athlete, career focused, a weekend warrior, or just someone who’s has trouble with sleep or anxiety – getting a good night’s rest is essential. Sleep repairs the body and mind so you can wake up the utmost version of yourself.

For those struggling with poor sleep, exploring nootropics for sleep under the guidance of a doctor may provide an effective and natural way to improve sleep quality without the side effects of prescription sleep medications.

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