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6 New Sex Positions for Straight Couples to Try

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There are countless ways to spice things up in the bedroom for straight couples. While the missionary position remains a tried-and-true classic, it’s healthy for couples to explore new angles, entry variations, and erotic alternatives.

Expanding your sexual repertoire with modified positions allows you to discover new sources of pleasure and intimacy with your partner. Whether you want to slow things down with gentle rocking or crank up the intensity with athletic standing sex, a change in positions can thrill the senses.

With an open mind and good communication, straight couples can experience the joys of sexual adventure.

1. Missionary with a twist

The classic missionary position is a go-to for many couples looking to keep things simple and intimate. While missionary is great for facilitating eye contact and closeness, some variety can help spice things up. Try having the receiving partner put their legs over the penetrating partner’s shoulders. This allows for deeper penetration and a new angle that may hit the G-spot or prostate more directly.

Another variation is to have the receiving partner lift and cross their legs to tilt their hips and change the angle of penetration. Or try holding your legs towards the chest for more intense thrusting. Switching leg positions provides subtle yet stimulating differences.

2. Doggy style

Doggy style is a rear entry position that allows for deep thrusting and an erotic view for the penetrating partner. To modify doggy style, try having the receiving partner arch their back more or less to change the angle of penetration. Or have them rest their head and shoulders down on the bed while keeping their rears lifted for comfort.

Doggy style can also transition into a variation called downward dog, where the receiving partner lies flat on their stomach with their legs closed. The penetrating partner lies on top and enters from behind. This close-contact version creates intense sensations.

3. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl

Having the receiving partner ride on top allows them control over speed and depth of penetration. Cowgirl face-to-face provides intimate eye contact and kissing opportunities. Reverse cowgirl with the receiving partner facing the penetrating partner’s feet provides a view and access to stimulate the buttocks and back.

The receiving partner can switch up their hip motion, bouncing vertically or swivelling their hips in circles to target different spots. Or lean forward or back to change the angle. For variation, try planting feet or knees on the bed to achieve creative rocking motions.

4. Standing positions

Standing sex positions are adventurous options that use walls or furniture for support during penetration. Against a wall, the penetrating partner can hold up the receiving partner, who wraps their legs around them. Or both stand facing each other, lifting one leg.

Bending over the edge of a bed or piece of furniture provides stability during standing rear entry. Get creative using the stairs, shower, or other structural supports around the home. Just make sure surfaces are protected against slippage with towels or grip.

5. Spooning

Spooning allows for penetrative sex from behind while lying on your sides. Penetration from this comfy position can still be deep if both partners arc their bodies to thrust. The penetrating big spoon can reach around to stimulate their partner’s breasts and clitoris.

Some couples prefer the receiving partner to be the big spoon, backing into the rear entry. This allows their hands to freely roam their partner’s body. Spooning on either side creates an intimate yet low-energy option for lazy or sleepy sex.

6. Seated sex

Sitting allows couples to enjoy penetrative sex while facing each other. Try a seated position on a couch, chair, or bed. One partner sits normally while the other straddles their lap. The receiver can wrap their arms and legs around their seated partner for anatomical alignment.

Sitting upright on a couch or chair during rear entry allows deep penetration and freedom for the penetrating partner to stimulate their partner’s erogenous zones. Seated options are great for small spaces and provide new sensations.


Varying positions during sex can be healthy and exciting for straight couples. Getting creative with different angles and entry variations activates new nerves and muscles for intensified arousal. Standing, sitting, and other options utilise furniture and architectural supports in fun ways. Open communication is key to finding positions that please both partners.

Tessa Moore is a relationship coach and intimacy educator dedicated to helping couples build deeper connections in and out of the bedroom

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