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New Research Reveals How the Euros May Help Sports Fans’ Mental Health

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Research has highlighted the significant benefits that sports enthusiasts derive from their passion. According to the study, 49% of fans state that watching sports improves their mental health, while 35% feel a sense of belonging and closeness with friends and family by sharing these moments. With major sporting events like Euro 2024 and the Olympic Games approaching this summer, many will take advantage of this excitement to boost their morale.

Alongside highlighting these mental health benefits, Pens.com took French sports fans as an example to analyse where in France sports fans invest the heart, effort, and money to support their teams. The study, based on Google searches as well as sales and searches on eBay and Amazon, reveals that Occitania, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and Île-de-France are the most passionate regions.

In 2023, nearly one million dollars were spent on second-hand sports items on eBay, with over 100,000 monthly average searches on Google for sports jerseys of French football, rugby, and basketball teams. This fervour for sports demonstrates not only unwavering support but also a way for fans to connect and share positive experiences.

Occitania: The most devoted region

The results show that Occitania stands out for the passion of its fans. The rugby club Stade Toulousain is at the forefront, with supporters spending over 10,000 euros on items on eBay last year and an average of about 8,100 monthly searches for the team’s jerseys. The rugby teams of Perpignan and Montpellier, as well as Toulouse FC for football, are also very popular.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Île-de-France regions follow closely, driven by the performances of football clubs like Olympique Lyonnais and PSG. Paris Basketball in Île-de-France is also attracting increasing attention, showing a significant rise in fan interest.

Impressive growth in searches and spending

Since 2020, online searches for sports jerseys have increased by 216%. This trend demonstrates an increased willingness to show support for favorite teams. In 2023, football fans spent 643,767 euros on merchandise, a 39% increase from the previous year. This rise reflects not only the growing popularity of sports in France but also the important role of sports stars in popular culture.

The stars of French sports

Kylian Mbappé, with over half a million searches per month, is the most searched sports star in France. He is followed by rugby sensation Antoine Dupont and footballers Olivier Giroud and Victor Wembanyama, each with 201,000 searches per month. Among women, PSG’s Sakina Karchaoui leads with nearly 50,000 monthly searches, followed by Amandine Henry with 30,000 searches.

These figures not only highlight the fans’ interest in their favourite athletes but also the diversity and depth of sports engagement in France.

Summer 2024 promises to be exciting for French sports enthusiasts. Upcoming sporting events will not only offer great competitions but also significant benefits for fans’ mental health. With fervent and growing support for their favourite teams and athletes, the French show that sports are much more than entertainment: they are a source of well-being, community, and national pride.

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