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New Report Reveals How AI Tools Can Help Workers’ Well-Being

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From chatbots to smart homes to virtual assistants such as Alexa, artificial intelligence has found its way into various aspects of our daily lives, including content creation, art, and music. However, AI in the workplace remains a significant area of opportunity within many industries.

GoTo conducted a report on the impact of AI within the workplace and society. The report included a survey sent to industry professionals in the US to shed light on how the introduction of AI impacts businesses and employees, also looking at the stress and well-being benefits it can bring.

42% of workers in the US believe AI will be a good time management tool

The findings reveal that most respondents are enthusiastic about the positive changes AI will bring to their daily work tasks.

A study found in 2022 found those who struggle with time management are more likely to experience stress, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. They may also start to exhibit symptoms of workplace burnout.

According to the report, 47% of workers expressed excitement that AI can effectively solve smaller tasks, freeing time to concentrate on more complex tasks. Additionally, the report found that 45% of respondents believe that AI can enhance their job efficiency.

70% of workers believe AI could be incorporated into their jobs

The report by GoTo also revealed public opinions on AI and whether they agreed or disagreed with the statements. Among industry professionals, 71% believe AI can improve productivity and are confident it could be incorporated into their jobs.

The data found 67% of AI experts believe AI will help companies solves their challenges.

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