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New Podcast Dedicated to Improving Mental Health Through Nature

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A brand new podcast called Wildness and Wellbeing has been launched, dedicated to improving mental health through nature. The series explores healing and wellbeing through inspirational stories, with the aim of getting more people outdoors and living happier, healthier lifestyles.

Improving well-being by embracing nature

The podcast was created by Tim Jones, a former beer blogger who combated his problems with alcohol and mental health by embracing nature. He found that a combination of hiking, climbing and cold water dipping helped him to focus on his well-being and recovery.

“I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life – well,  more of a crisis, to be honest. I was drinking too much and not living the healthiest lifestyle. I knew that something needed to change, but I wasn’t quite sure what. At first, nature was an escape for me; I could leave my problems at the bottom of a mountain, and at the top they seemed further away, but eventually I realised that the outdoors was a great place to work things out.”

Feeling more present and rooted, Tim found something really therapeutic about the outdoors, like he was part of something bigger. But it wasn’t just venturing outside that made him feel more grounded; meditation, breathwork, and yoga also added to the mix.

Along the way, he also met some truly inspirational individuals who all had a story to tell, which is why he started Wildness and Wellbeing to share these stories and inspire other people. Each week features different guests from all walks of life: nurses, yoga teachers, personal trainers, and travel bloggers. All who have had an interesting journey with plenty of stories to tell. Chatting about their experiences and how the outdoors has helped them when it comes to their well-being and mental health, discussions include meditation, journaling, yoga, cold water, and other tools and techniques to aid mental health.

Wildness and Wellbeing is available to listen to on SpotifyApple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

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