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New Order Release Limited Edition Blue Monday T-shirt in Aid of Suicide Prevention Charity Calm

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To support anyone who is struggling and celebrate the only Blue Monday that really matters, legendary Factory Records graphic designer Peter Saville has created designed a limited edition t-shirt in aid of suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) featuring the iconic design from New Order’s momentous track “Blue Monday”.

Using the colour code featured on the 12-inch sleeve and video, the t-shirt carries the message “16th January”, a nod to the myth that has now become widely regarded as the most depressing day of the year: Blue Monday. The t-shirt is available to order from 16th January until February 17th with all proceeds going towards CALM’s lifesaving work. 

Peter Saville rose to fame while creating artwork for Factory Records, a label he co-founded in Manchester in 1979 and for which he served as art director. He later went on to design the “Blue Monday” sleeve for New Order in 1983, and create the visual identity for The Hacienda and the epicentre of cool that was Manchester in the 1980s. 

The band, who are ambassadors of the charity, have been outspoken about mental health and suicide prevention, and have been using their platform to shine a light on the cultural stigma surrounding suicide and the issues faced by those suffering mental health problems in accessing appropriate support treatment.

Commenting on the limited edition t-shirt Peter Saville said: “It’s a bit tongue and cheek launching a commemorative Blue Monday tee on Monday 16th January. But ultimately we wanted to use this as a vehicle to raise awareness and funds for CALM’s important work. Whether you’re having a Blue Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, we want people to know that CALM is there for you every day if you’re struggling.”

New Order said: “We are proud to be ambassadors for CALM and honoured to be using Blue Monday to help raise awareness for the brilliant work they do to support millions of people struggling with their mental health.”

Campaign Against Living Miserably CEO Simon Gunning said: “Blue Monday has been on repeat since 1983 for a generation of music lovers. From the first beat of the intro, to perhaps the most iconic 12” sleeve of all time, millions of people are instantly drawn into what has rightly become one of the best-loved tracks in British music history, and that memorable opening line ‘How does it feel?’ fits perfectly into CALM’s ethos of support. To have New Order and Peter Saville, to support us with such a brilliantly creative idea we will reach thousands of people with the clear message that whether it’s the middle of January or any other day, CALM is always here for you.”

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