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New Data Reveals the Best Songs to Belt Out in the Shower

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Singing in the shower has been proven to boost your mood and act as a stress reliever, but this might become a less appealing activity if you’re singing the same songs over and over.

Bathroom Deal, one of the UK’s leading bathroom suppliers, has released a unique analysis of shower playlists, revealing the top ten best tracks to sing in the shower.

Leveraging a Spotify Playlist Miner, Bathroom Deal researchers delved into the world of shower-themed playlists, analysing 995 public playlists with the keyword “shower”, encompassing a total of 217,350 tracks. The team also looked at each song’s tempo, melody, and “singability”. 

According to the analysis, the top 10 songs to sing in the shower are:Stick Season by Noah Kahan: This heartfelt ballad’s moderate tempo (112 bpm) and steady rhythm are perfect for belting out in the shower.

  1. One Dance by Drake: This dance-floor anthem, with its infectious beat at 103 bpm and tropical vibes, is one to get you singing and dancing in the shower.
  2. Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus: A classic party starter, this song’s upbeat tempo (128 bpm) and celebratory lyrics trigger positive emotional responses, even in the absence of a physical party.
  3. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield: Made popular again this year by 2023 film ‘Anyone But You’, this empowering anthem, with its strong vocals and hopeful message, combined with a tempo of 126 bpm, creates an ideal soundscape for a sing-a-long shower session.
  4. When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars: A soulful ballad with a smooth melody at 115 bpm, this song evokes a touch of nostalgia and is great for belting the lyrics in a dramatic environment. Think of the shower as rain and you’re practically in a music video.  
  5. Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift: While the title suggests a potentially downbeat theme, this song’s catchy melody and driving beat at 114 bpm offer a surprisingly energetic shower experience, perfect for Swifties to enjoy.
  6. Don’t Blame Me by Taylor Swift: Another Taylor Swift pick, this song’s dance-pop vibe and confident lyrics, along with its 120 bpm tempo, are perfect for a solo shower sing-a-long.
  7. Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado: Funky bass lines and a playful melody at a moderate tempo of 100 bpm contribute to the empowering and enjoyable atmosphere this song creates in the shower.
  8. Grenade by Bruno Mars: Bruno Mars makes a second appearance with another soulful track. The song’s strong vocals, powerful melody, and energetic 126 bpm tempo provide an opportunity for a powerful shower performance.
  9. Rich Baby Daddy (feat. Sexyy Red & SZA) by Drake: A TikTok favourite, this song’s rhythm at 100 bpm and confident lyrics offer a cool and contemporary vibe to your shower experience.

Warren Kinloch, bathroom expert at Bathroom Deal, said in the study: “Showering is a great time to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing. It gives you 5 to 15 minutes of alone time for genuine self-care. It’s generally known that singing in the shower is a natural mood-booster, and it’s an easy activity to do, but if you’re stuck with what songs to pick, this list will give you a great starting point.”

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