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New BBQ Timing Chart Reveals the Exact Time to Start Your BBQ to Make Sure It’s Ready for Kick Off

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It’s reported that England’s debut match against Serbia gained an audience of over 15 million. And as the weather is now starting to warm up for much of the UK, Brits will be eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated England vs Switzerland game at 5pm, on Saturday, 6th July.

But for those starting their Euro celebrations with a BBQ feast, it’s important to plan your cooking in advance to make sure you don’t miss any of the action.

With this in mind, BBQing experts at online butchers, Campbells Prime Meat, have produced a new BBQ timing chart, calculating exactly when you should cook each BBQ necessity to make sure everything is ready ahead of kickoff.

The timing chart includes all BBQ must-haves, from corn on the cob to beef ribs to chicken wings and beef burgers, along with instructions for exactly when to heat up the BBQ and cook each item to ensure everything is ready in time for the start of a 5pm and 8pm match.

Campbells Meat recommends heating up the BBQ at least 15 minutes before cooking any BBQ foods. Therefore, for England’s upcoming quarterfinal match against Switzerland on 6th July, the earlier kick-off time of 5pm means you don’t need to get the BBQ going until 2.45pm, to ensure the grill is fully heated and ready to start cooking items such as baked potatoes, corn on the cob, sausages, and beef burgers that take a little longer to cook.

In the mid of all the football excitement, Campbells has pointed out some common BBQ mistakes that football fans might be making:

Not cleaning and oiling the grates

To prevent food from sticking and to avoid any unpleasant flavours, it is essential to keep your grates clean. Prior to and after each use, make sure to thoroughly clean the grates. Additionally, lightly oiling the grates with a high smoke-point oil such as rapeseed or vegetable oil will minimise the chances of food sticking to them. What’s worse is that using an unclean grill can transfer bacteria onto your food and make you sick.

Overcrowding the grill

Resist the temptation of overcrowding the grill to save time. Overcrowding can lead to uneven cooking and steaming instead of grilling. Give your food enough space on the grill to allow for proper airflow and even heat distribution. Instead, consider grilling in batches if necessary.

Too much flipping and pressing

Many people have the habit of flipping and pressing the meat excessively while it cooks. Too much flipping hinders crust formation and even cooking, while pressing releases flavourful juices. Instead, allow the meat to cook undisturbed for a few minutes on each side and use a meat thermometer to ensure desired doneness.

Neglecting vegetables and fruits

Don’t forget to include vegetables and fruits in your grilling repertoire. Grilled vegetables like corn on the cob, peppers, courgettes, and artichokes can be incredibly flavourful. Similarly, fruits like pineapples, peaches, and watermelon can be grilled to enhance their natural sweetness and make a great dessert.

Ignoring the power of indirect heat

While direct heat is for searing and achieving grill marks, relying solely on this method can limit your culinary possibilities. You can create a two-zone fire by placing coals on one side of the grill and the food on the other. Experiment with indirect grilling techniques, such as using a smoker box or placing a drip pan between the heat source and the food. Indirect grilling allows for slower and more controlled cooking, making it perfect for larger cuts of meat or foods that require more time to tenderise.

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