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What Are the New and Advanced Functions of Sex Doll?

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The drive to be sexual and to be romantically connected to someone is one of the most powerful impulses in human beings. In the hierarchy of needs, sexual desire and the need for a sexual release ranks next to breathing, eating and drinking. Because not everyone is able to connect with other humans to unleash their sexual energies, love dolls or sex dolls serve an important function for most people.

Today’s sex dolls are highly refined and advanced and almost seem to have a soul. To provide you with a sexual experience that is as authentic as what you’d get with a real woman, manufacturers of sex dolls go out of their way to imbue these dolls with refined and advanced features that make them behave almost like real humans to maximize the sexual gratification. 

Inanimate sex dolls that currently dominate the market still leave a lot to imagination even though they do an excellent job in replicating a real human and maximizing sexual gratification. For some, this may not be enough. They may be looking for something that is close as possible to a real human without actually being a real human. They are looking for a sex doll that they can not only fuck and reach a climax of pleasure and orgasms but sex dolls that they can also project their feelings onto. The more advanced silicone sex dolls can serve an important psychosexual need and can be genuine substitutes for real women. They give you more than just a fantasy play and are worth the money.

Today you can buy advanced sex dolls that can give out convincing moans, smile, blink and even get a few goosebumps as you are fucking her. Some AI-powered sex dolls can even hold sensual conversations sure to turn you on and get your member alert and busy.

Here is a look at some of the new advanced functions that manufacturers are incorporating into their sex dolls to give you a full-body orgasm and a genuine sexual feeling.

Hair implants

Silicone sex doll enhancements have hit such a level of sophistication that they now feature real hair implants both on the head and in the pubic area. The hair looks very natural. This is a considerable improvement over the conventional wigs that have been used in many sex dolls over the years, particularly on TPE sex doll heads that cannot be implanted with hair. The hair implant looks more natural and organic on the silicone sexdoll head.

When buying your silicone sex dolls, you are now able to customises the doll head and pubic hair with a hair implant of your choice including blond hair, brunette, black hair and other hair preferences. Hair implants in silicone sex dolls don’t just add to the beauty; they can considerably improve the quality of your silicone sexual life, particularly for pubic hair implants.

The hair implants, combined with a premium quality medical-grade platinum silicone can create a realistic looking sensation with hair that is indistinguishable from human hair and sex doll flesh that feels just like human flesh, complete with the same resistance and friction.

Heating function

You don’t want to feel like you are making love to cadaver when you are romancing your sex doll. Conventional sex dolls might look like real women but they are cold which many might find uncomfortable, particularly in winter. As a result, many silicone sex dolls are now being manufactured with a heating function that you can turn on to warm the body of the doll to the body temperature. When you are fucking your silicone woman, you’d want to feel like you have a warm and sexy woman sleeping next to you.

Articulated skeleton hand

Advanced silicone sex dolls are being manufactured with realistic-looking hands that contain folds, knuckles, lines, wrinkles and even veins. In fact, if you intertwine your fingers in the hands of a doll with an articulated skeleton hand, you should be able to feel the skeleton beneath the skin surface, complete with joints just as you would feel in the hands of a real human being which contains bones and joints.

The articulated skeleton hand and fingers also ensures that the sex doll is capable of doing certain gestures along with movements just like a real human hand. When you are fucking your love doll, you can hold these hands and get the feeling of holding the hands and fingers of real human. An articulated skeleton hand is also capable of mimicking a number of hand gestures. 

Standing function without a bolt

The standard silicone sex doll standing function entails standing with bolts or screws to the legs. If you are reaching for realism with your silicone woman, this can really ruin things and the screws or bolts look gross under the realistic sex doll’s feet. These bolts are usually not easily removable as they are attached to longer screws inside the realistic silicone sex doll that are essential to the standing mechanism and other structural features of the doll.

However, there are top-grade silicone sex dolls that can stand without the gross-looking bolts and screws. From an aesthetic perspective, these are much are better. Psychologically, it also gives you the feeling of fucking a real woman rather than a mechanical device. 

Swinging ass 

Men are madly turned on by a sexy and swinging ass. Whether you are simply touching or fucking your sex doll, you’ll feel your sex hormones act when the ass begins to swing. Nowadays, doll manufacturers such as BBdoll are making realistic-looking silicone sex dolls that can swing their ass naturally during sex. Try this out and you will drive yourself to multiple orgasms with your silicone woman.

Getting upgrade functions in your silicone sex dolls

For the most orgasmic sex, you will need a silicone sexdoll with these advanced enhancements to drive you crazy. If you need any of these, order a custom sex doll that features all your preferences. Elevate your sexual experience and enjoy a sweet and pulsating sex with these advanced functions. These advanced sex doll functions will make your sex even sweeter and better.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being. 

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