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What You Should Know About Neuropathy Supplements

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Neuropathy describes the condition affecting the nerves that cause severe pain and irritation. This condition is usually caused by the effects of diabetes or chemotherapy. Neuropathy can be described as nerve damage and it causes poor transmission of signals and messages from the spinal cord to the brain. It also leaves affected people struggling with pain that affects their quality of life.

Apart from prescribing drugs that can alleviate the pain, it seems the condition has no permanent solution yet. However, research indicates that there are supplements that can act as viable options for treating this problem. As such, here is what you should know about neuropathy supplements.   

Talk to your doctor first

It is critical to consult your doctor before you start taking neuropathy supplements. You may also wish to combine the supplements with pain medication and other related therapies, but you must only do this after talking to your doctor. The challenge that can arise is that supplements can interfere with the other types of medications that you are taking which can cause complications. Doctor approved treatment should not be substituted with these supplements intended for neuropathy treatment. 

Separating quality supplements from fake ones

There are various supplements available on the market that can be used for neuropathy treatment. Likewise, manufacturers and marketers of these supplements are primarily concerned with their profit goals. As such, you will realize that some additives do not provide the benefits they promise in their marketing campaigns. You need to get more details about each supplement before you try it. For each supplement, you can read more on their website to get information about ingredients, prices, as well as customer reviews. Customer reviews can give you insight into different supplements since they are based on first-hand information. It is also important to consider supplements with natural ingredients since they have no side effects. 

Side effects

The issue of side effects caused by certain conventional treatment is a cause for concern since this can lead to other health issues. Instead of resolving a particular problem, you may realise that the medication worsens it. However, different studies, that are still underway, examine the use of supplements and indicate that they have fewer side effects compared to other conventional treatment options. If properly used, supplements can improve your health and well-being in different ways. Supplements can come in the form of capsules but you should consult your doctor first. There are different types of supplements designed to relieve pain but you cannot just decide to use them. 

B vitamins for neuropathy treatment

Do you know that B vitamins can help in treating neuropathy? Vitamin B deficiency can cause peripheral neuropathy since they support a healthy function of the nervous system. If the condition is not treated, it can lead to permanent damage to the nerves. Benfotiamine is believed to reduce inflammation and pain while at the same time preventing cellular damage.  However, when taking Vitamin B supplementations, you should not exceed 200 milligrams (mg) per day.

Apart from taking supplements for neuropathy in the form of tablets, you can also consider food that consists of B vitamins.  Foods that are rich in B vitamins include meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, seafood, low-fat dairy foods, eggs, and fortified cereals. A good diet is good for your overall health and it can help resolve other underlying conditions related to neuropathy. As you can see, Vitamin B deficiency can contribute to neuropathy and you can counteract this challenge by consuming a proper diet.

Apart from Vitamin B deficiency, a lack of minerals can also contribute to neuropathy. Copper limitation can damage the nerves and it also leads to excess zinc in your blood. On the other hand, a lack of Vitamin E can also damage the nerves since this is a crucial antioxidant. Therefore, you may consider foods rich in both Copper and Vitamin E but you should not take too much of these compounds. If you think you are lacking a particular nutrient, you should visit your doctor first to check the level. You can also consult nutritionists about the extras that you can use to increase the level of nutrients lacking.  

Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves and it can cause severe pain, tingling as well as numbness in some cases. While doctors often prescribe different drugs to treat this terrible condition characterized by debilitating pain, it seems there is no permanent solution yet to the disease. However, studies indicate that different supplements can be viable options in treating this disease. The main advantage of these additives is that they have fewer or no side effects compared to conventional medications. All the same, you must consult a doctor before you start using neuropathy supplementation. 

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