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Nearly Three-Quarters of Young People Deeply Concerned About Their Future

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The Mix, the UK’s leading digital charity for young people, has revealed new research that nearly three-quarters (73%) of young people aged 16–29 are deeply concerned about their future, highlighting a growing distrust in government efforts to prioritise youth issues. The research, conducted by MEL Research on behalf of The Mix, underscores the urgent need for the next government to increase investment in online youth support services, with 59% of respondents advocating for more government funding in this area over traditional face-to-face support.

Ahead of the imminent general election, The Mix’s research further highlights the disparity in government attention towards youth issues. An overwhelming 82% of 16-24 year-olds believe that the government does not prioritise young people in its policies. This sentiment is especially pronounced among young people with poor mental (89%), poor physical health (84%) or with disabilities (82%), calling for more investment in online youth support.

Chris Martin, CEO of The Mix, emphasised the critical nature of these findings: “Young people are feeling increasingly abandoned by those in power. The future government must take decisive action to address the unique challenges faced by today’s youth, from mental health struggles to financial instability. Proven, youth-led services like The Mix have never been more vital.”

Responding to young people’s distrust in the government, The Mix has launched its latest Impact Report, which highlights the organisation’s significant strides in supporting young people over the past two years. The report highlights some of the challenges facing young people today, including:

  • Mental health and well-being. Approximately 1 in 5 young people have a probable mental health issue.
  • Loneliness. Under 30s are twice as likely to report feeling lonely compared to those over 70.
  • Cost of living. 1 in 3 young people struggle to pay their bills, and 1 in 5 skip meals due to financial constraints.

In direct response to these challenges, in the year 2022–23, The Mix has made significant impacts:

  • 4 million young people are more likely to seek support as a result of The Mix’s social media content.
  • Over 1 million young people felt more able to cope with life’s challenges through the charity’s online resources.
  • 122,000 young people found valuable resources and peer support.
  • Over 4,600 counselling sessions delivered to more than 1,000 young people.
  • Over 4,000 young people benefited from immediate crisis support.

Paulo, a 22-year-old recent graduate, shared his personal experience: “You don’t really talk about loneliness because you think that no one else is talking about it. I left university and lost contact with most of my friends as we were all focused on getting jobs. The pandemic worsened my situation, leaving me isolated and struggling with my mental health. The Mix provided a lifeline during these tough times, but it’s clear we need more support from the government.”

Martin added: “Young people are the future of our society. It’s imperative that the future government listens to their concerns and acts accordingly. The Mix is committed to bridging this gap by offering a unique online space where early intervention is key. Young people can find help, connect with peers and drive positive change through volunteering.”

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