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Navigating Emergency Garage Door Repair: Steps to Take in Critical Situations

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Garage door problems can happen at any time. And if it does, it’s important that you know how to handle the situation to avoid potential property and physical harm.

In this post, we’ll give you quick tips on how to deal with emergency garage door problems and who to call in times of crisis.

What to do during a garage door emergency?

If you find yourself in a compromising garage door ‘situation’, the last thing you should do is panic. Below, we listed common emergencies and what you should do:

1.  Spring failures

Spring issues are the most common reason for most Los Angeles garage door fixes. If your door’s torsion or extension spring has snapped, unwound, or sustained any type of damage, you should never try to fix it on your own.

Take note that torsion springs are loaded with high levels of tension. Without the right tools and technique, garage door springs can cause serious injuries.

Instead, keep everyone out of the garage and call a garage door repair company in Los Angeles immediately.

2.  Electrical failures

Power surges and circuit failures can severely damage the electrical components of your garage door. This is a big concern if your door has built-in security systems.

You should check the opener and other electrical appliances in your garage that could have been affected by the power surge.

It’s also best to disconnect your door from the opener and turn off the power source while waiting for an emergency garage door repair near LA to arrive.

3.  Off-track doors

If your door panels have jumped out of their tracks, you should pull the emergency cord on your garage door. This will disengage the door from the opener, preventing sudden operation, which could cause more damage.

Some can place the panels back into the tracks. However, if the panels or tracks have been damaged, you should call the best garage door repair company in Los Angeles instead.

4. Vehicle collision

In the event of vehicle collision, you should first check if someone got hurt. Check your passengers and see if someone is behind the garage door when the vehicle crashed into it.

Next, assess the damage and disconnect your door from the opener. You should also secure the area, especially if the door has been stuck in an open position. After that, you should call garage door repair services to fix the broken garage door.

5.  Not opening/closing

Are you running late to work, but your garage door won’t open? Before you call for a reliable garage door repair in LA, you can try checking if the opener is properly connected to the power source.

If everything looks normal and the door is still not opening, you can disconnect it from the opener instead. After that, you can lift the door manually and get your car out.

However, you should still call an LA emergency garage door service. Leaving your door in an unlocked position can attract burglars.

6.  Sensor problems

Take note that you should never put off any sensor problems, especially if you have kids or pets.

If your reverse sensors aren’t working, you can check if they have been obstructed by dust and dirt. Try cleaning the sensors and test if it will work properly.

But if this troubleshooting doesn’t work, it’s best to call for a 24-hour garage door repair in Los Angeles. You wouldn’t want to have malfunctioning sensors, as it can lead to injuries when the door accidentally slams shut.

Why is it best to call a professional garage door service in Los Angeles?

Emergency garage door problems are often dangerous to handle if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. Also, most of these problems occur during busy days when most homeowners don’t have the time to fix them on their own.

For businesses, DIY commercial garage door repair is time-consuming and could lead to financial losses. This is why they always hire a garage door service company to fix the problem.

So, instead of putting yourself at risk and going through the elbow grease, you can hire an urgent garage door repair near Los Angeles instead. These trained technicians are skilled in handling almost any emergency situation to give you fast garage door repair in LA. Above all, you’re assured of quality service for both residential and commercial garage door repairs.

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