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Upgrade Your Nature Connectivity, Instead of Your Phone

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If you are living and growing in technology era, chances are you spend more time with your best buddy phone rather than your loved ones or basking in nature. But visualising today’s lifestyle we must spend quality time with nature since it has health benefits.

Being outdoors in fresh air and doing activities such as cycling, walking, running, trekking helps to reduce chronic pain, keeps joints active and reduces stiffness. When an individual disconnects from his phone, it allows him to focus on leisure activities. It is essential to improve mental fatigue and reduce stress. There are several benefits of staying in touch with nature.

Forest bathing refers to spending quality time in forest area to reduce mental fatigue. A study published by the journal Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine revealed benefits of walking in forest area lowers blood pressure and stress than those who strolled in a city. Staying in nature and viewing nature awakens our senses. When you go for a walk or visit national parks without your phone you visualise the smallest details around you. Individuals feel relaxed and more energetic after spending time with nature.

Park walks acts as best relaxation exercise for maintaining productivity

Taking a one-minute park walk breaks during lunch time helped employees maintain their productivity during working hours. Thus, this revealed better cognitive concentration and doing tasks in a lesser time.

Nature socialisation

When you go for walk in nature you make new friends, interacting and understanding each other is very essential. Socialisation is a healthy habit which we today only do on WhatsApp and Facebook. Real life friends and socialising has been missing from time. Technology is connecting us but keeping us far from the real world.

Micro breaks with nature

Individuals must take micro breaks with nature such as visualising nature from your office window, watching nature at your computer screen, admiring a plant in your office or at home. When an individual admires greenery they feel rejuvenated and happier. It is also good to do volunteering

Spending time in nature is a great way to find physical renewal

Nature acts as a stress buster and there are several benefits of being in nature to human beings such as revitalise physical energy, quick healing, reduces anxiety, reduces muscle tension, decreased stress hormones, heightened immunity, lower heart rate, decreased blood pressure, better cholesterol. You can also bring nature to your home by having terrariums. Hence, such benefits improve mental health of an individual.


We must install these important add-ons or upgrades to our lives instead of installing new apps in our phones or upgrading to the latest models . Humans are connected to nature by birth, so let’s grab the best benefits from nature today.


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Dr Sachita Passi Sabharwal is the founder of Green Restores. Sachita holds a Doctorate and master’s degree in psychology. 

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