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National Nap Day: Claudia Winkleman’s Napping 101s

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According to a recent sleep study by YouGov, one in eight Britons feel tired, and a quarter feels tired most of the time.

Tiredness can impact our lives in many ways – from our mood, metabolism, and stress levels to our productivity at work. 

While people can feel the impact of tiredness throughout different stages of their lives, overall, younger Brits are more likely to feel tired than older ones.

One in three Brits (32%) has only been getting seven hours of sleep a night, 27% get about six hours, and one in eight (12%) is surviving on only five hours.

While eight hours of sleep is recommended, most people will need seven to nine hours of sleep each night. That means over 30 days, 56% of Brits have a sleep deficit of between 90 and 30 hours. 

Although we can’t always guarantee to achieve those all-important 8 hours a night, studies show that an afternoon nap is great for adults, and there’s no reason for us to feel lazy in indulging in daytime sleep.

A short nap mid-afternoon boosts memory, improves job performance, lifts mood, makes you more alert, and eases stress. 

Cannaray CBD has launched a national call to arms, encouraging the nation to embrace naps. The confessed Queen of Naps and Cannaray CBD spokeswoman Claudia Winkleman admits that naps are an integral part of her daily routine – having not one but two naps during her day

Claudia Winkleman is a big fan of some speedy shut-eye, so we’re sharing her tips on settling down for your best nap ever.

Grab your Night-Time CBD Oil Drops and follow her advice below. Trust us: you’ll feel so much better after a quick rest.

Ditch the nap guilt

“I think there’s always been a lot of stigma around napping – like it means you’re lazy or lack drive. I think it’s the opposite – it’s scientifically proven that power naps help you be more productive, lift your mood and make you more alert.”

See it as headspace

“A nap is only 20 minutes out of your day – think about what you’d be doing otherwise. It’s much better for your physical and mental health than scrolling on your phone.”

Embrace the daylight

“I don’t like a dark room or a duvet, as this is confusing. Don’t make it night-time. So it can be broad daylight but curl up… If I need to be somewhere, then I’ll set the alarm. I once was supposed to nap for 20 minutes but slept for a good hour. That can be discombobulating.”

Claudia’s CBD routine

It’s not just napping that Claudia can’t be without. She’s a self-confessed CBD lover. “I know where I am with Cannaray CBD products. I’ve become slightly obsessed with CBD.”

She adds: “I use the Cannaray CBD Oil Drops and CBD Capsules – I am officially in love with them. I take the capsules and the night oil at night throughout the day.”

By napping just 20 minutes daily, we can make up over 121 hours of sleep a year. This National Sleep Month, implement Cannaray CBD into your naptime routine with CBD products that specialise in aiding sleep and overall well-being.

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