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National Bucket List Day: Survey Reveals 40% of Brits Have Booked a Bucket List Trip

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It’s National Bucket List Day and with this in mind, experts of SkyParkSecure conducted a survey across the UK to reveal their top bucket list experiences and destinations and how many are planning to tick one of these off this year.

Over 60% of Brits would rather go on a bucket list trip than their usual holiday 

It seems like most Brits would rather tick something off their bucket list in 2024 over their usual beach or city break, with 36% of Brits revealing that they’ve booked what they would consider a bucket list trip, with a further 35% considering it.

Women seem keener than men to tick something off their bucket list this year, with 40% of women already making bookings compared to 31% of men. On a similar note, the younger generations are prioritising their bucket lists more. With 65% of 24–34-year-olds already booking a trip, and 47% of 18–25-year-olds considering it.

Seeing the Northern Lights is the biggest bucket list wish for 2024

Of the people surveyed, 29% said that seeing the Northern Lights was on their bucket list. Iceland, Northern Norway, Sweden and Finish Lapland are all popular spots to see the lights, which are most likely to be spotted during the longer evenings between October and April.

But it could be easier to tick off than you think, with some places in Scotland, North England, North Wales and Northern Ireland being great spots to spot the phenomenon.

Other popular bucket list destinations and activities included seeing the pyramids and Niagara Falls (17%), a husky sled ride (15%) and going on a safari (14%).

Which of the following bucket list activities would you love to do in 2024?

% Who Said

Seeing the Northern Lights


Seeing the pyramids


Visit Niagara Falls


Go on a husky sled ride


Go on a safari


See an emperor penguin colony


Walk along the Great Wall of China


Ride the Rocky Mountaineer train


See the Great Barrier Reef


Spot the big five in a national park


Drive Route 66


Go to Disneyland


See the Vatican


Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower


See a space rocket launch


Visit each continent in the world


Go to the Super Bowl


Swim with dolphins


Visit the Terracotta Warriors


Hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu


The survey gave respondents the option of over 50 well-known bucket list activities, events and destinations – but Brits have plenty more options too, with other answers from respondents including visiting locations such as Japan, Australia and Barbados, alongside activities such as doing a shark dive, water skiing and watching an F1 race in person.

Belfast is the UK city prioritising bucket list travel the most

58% of Belfast-based respondents said that they had booked a bucket list trip for, with Bristol following closely behind (54%). Belfast’s top bucket list trip was going on a Huskey-led ski ride, they were the also the only UK city to have an answer other than seeing the Northern Lights.

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