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Conference: Narrative Matters 2018


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Narrative Matters 2018
Conference theme: The ABCs of Narrative
July 2-5, 2018, Enschede, the Netherlands

Narrative Matters is a bi-annual conference on the study of narrative, which brings together scholars from different disciplines. The current booming interest for narrative or ‘storytelling’ across academic disciplines and professional fields comes with a number of challenges. One of these challenges, as captured by the conference theme ‘the ABCs of narrative’, is the need for a better understanding and an interdisciplinary dialogue between (a) the arts and humanities; (b) the natural and computer sciences; (c) the behavioural, social, and health sciences.

A thorough interdisciplinary exchange can enrich our understanding of the cognitive, affective, motivational, social, political, ideological, or ethical workings of narrative, and provide insights from which also diverse professional uses of narrative can benefit. A second challenge is that of learning about exciting new developments in technological expression and computational analysis of narrative that might be productive both for researchers and professionals. A third challenge the ‘ABCs of narrative’ aims to address is the need to stimulate ‘critical narrative savviness’ among citizens, in particular in the many professional practices in which narrative or storytelling play a central role. A keen critical acumen and sense of responsibility are needed, in our days as much as ever in the past, to detect and resist unwanted effects of narrative world-making and persuasion.

We identified a number of topics that address these three challenges and seem relevant for a fruitful understanding and improved uses of narrative across disciplines and professions.

  • Narrative coping with complexity and uncertainty;
  • Narrative and the shaping of identities;
  • Narratives and innovative technological modes of expressing and computational modes of analysing;
  • Narrative, affect, and the fabrication of truth;
  • Narrative and power in societies, organisations, and practices.

Interested in participating? Please submit your proposal here. For more information, visit the Call for Papers page.

Source: University of Twente

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