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In the Name of the Game: Trending Euros-Themed Baby Names

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With the UEFA EURO games in full swing, it’s officially a summer of sports and in a new trend, parents are turning to the sporting world for inspiration when naming their babies.

Gone are the days of sticking to traditional names; today’s parents are opting for names that echo the spirit of their favourite footballers and teams, instilling a sense of passion and potential right from the start.

From the 2022 Euros England women’s squad to the current 2024 men’s squad, the personalised gifts experts at Getting Personal have dived into the baby names data to discover the perfect name for your future MVP.

Top 10 Euro-inspired baby names

  1. Harry [Kane] – German origin meaning “estate ruler”.
  2. Millie [Bright] – German, English origin meaning “gentle strength; strong in work”.
  3. Jude [Bellingham] – Latin origin meaning “praised”.
  4. Ella [Toone] – German, English origin meaning “all, completely; fairy maiden”.
  5. Charlotte [Wubben-Moy] – French origin meaning “free man”.
  6. Adam [Wharton] – Hebrew origin meaning “son of the red earth”.
  7. Joseph [Gomez] – Hebrew origin meaning “Jehovah increases”.
  8. Chloe [Kelly] – Greek origin meaning “young green shoot” symbolising new growth.
  9. Jessica [Carter] – Hebrew origin, meaning “to behold”.
  10. Ellie [Roebuck] – English origin meaning “bright shining one”.

Why are sports-inspired names popular?

Amy Greenshields, gifting expert at Getting Personal says: “Sports play a significant part of many people’s lives, creating lasting memories and emotional connections. Footballing stars can often be seen as modern-day heroes, and their influence extends beyond the field, therefore naming a child after a sports figure or team can reflect a family’s passion and appreciation for these cultural icons.

“Additionally, footballers often embody qualities that parents hope to instil in their children, such as determination, resilience, teamwork, and excellence. Names like Jude, associated with the Real Madrid rising star, are commonly associated with success and high achievement, making it an attractive choice for parents after rising 39 places in the last decade.

“Whether you’re welcoming a future footballer or simply a bundle of joy with a name that stands out, the world of sports offers a treasure trove of possibilities.”

Whatever the name, Getting Personal has the perfect personalised gifts for any occasion or recipient including Christening gifts and gifts for kids and babies.

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