‘My Recovery Work-Journal’ – New Book Explores How to Recover from a Mental Health Crisis

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Have you experienced mental health issues? Perhaps, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, or a burnout? Are you looking to heal, recover and gain strength again after and from or despite a traumatic experience

Mental health crises are a lot of things; above all they are also disruptive. Often, we lose our loved ones, family, and friends. Sometimes we lose our work; even our homes. The time after is a time of healing and repairing. My Recovery Work-Journal can help you get back on your feet and join life again in its breadth and beauty. This book is a friend; it is a conversation with yourself. It will help you to be more self-reflective and to mend broken aspects of your life – with your family, friends, work, with yourself, and with the world.

My Recovery Work-Journal is organised over a 31-day or one-month period. Each day illuminates an aspect of what happens to us when we have gone through mental health issues. Each day in My Recovery Work-Journal begins with a question for you to delve into: meditations, drawings, and suggestions for practices accompany this; your workbook. Make it your own because you are beautiful. Dedicate about an hour a day; look for a place where you can be at peace, indoors or outdoors. All you need is yourself, this work-journal, a pen, paper, some colours, and perhaps some glue to collage or draw. It does not matter if you know how to draw or not. This is your work-journal. It is written and it is visual. Time for you to be with your thoughts and feelings and a time to take action in healing and mending aspects of your life.

About 2% of the population suffer from schizophrenia, 23 % from burnout, depression about 3 %, anxiety disorder also about 3 %. About 10.7 % of the world population suffer from some kind of mental health crisis; that’s about 792 million humas. You are not alone. This book does not replace professional help. Please use this book as a friend and a supplement to therapy and good professional help. This is a time when you need a good support network. If you do not have one, then it is time to also work on getting the support network you need together. The My Recovery Work-Journal will help you do that as well.

My Recovery Work-Journal is for all who are recovering from a mental crisis. This book encompasses the next step, the first and ongoing steps in you re-entering your life afresh.

About the author

Gabrielle von Bernstorff-Nahat is an artist and a mental health crisis survivor. She has published numerous poetry books, and several books on mental health under the pseudonyms Yvonne Nahat and Marie de la Maare. The My Recovery Work-Journal is her third book on mental health.

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