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A Music for Dr Irvin Yalom by Professor Pezhman Mosleh

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13 June is the birthday of Dr Irvin Yalom. So I would like to send you the musical composition of ‘On the Threshold‘ which is dedicated to Dr Yalom by Professor Pezhman Mosleh

Professor Mosleh is an international Iranian composer, poet, professor of cinema philosophy and aesthetic, and a scholar in music history who is appreciated by Dr Irvin Yalom (psychiatrist and philosopher), Mrs Rebecca Goldstein (the remarkable philosopher, author, and the winner of American National Humanities Medal), Mrs Ruthellen Josselson (the outstanding psychotherapist, researcher, editor of the APA journal qualitative psychology), and Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The Music Information Center of Poland believes that the music of Mosleh is close to Zbigniew Priesner’s works, who is composer of Krzysztof Kieślowski’s movies. Professor Mosleh takes steps in the way of struggling with war and violence along with universal musicians. And he is a pioneer in Iranian neo-romanticism style. And according to SABC News he is inspired by Beethoven and Chopin in composing music.

Dr Yalom appreciated Professor Mosleh and called him both a musician and a fine poet. And Rebecca Goldstein called his works as artistic treasures. Ruthellen Josselson has also said: ‘Professor Pezhman Mosleh is a true artist whose work touched me deeply.’

Dr Yalom is an existential psychiatrist and author of the novel When Nietzsche Wept. In regard to this, Professor Mosleh and wrote to him: ‘I’ve received many tributes, but none touched me as yours did. You are both a musician and a fine poet. An eminent Iranian composer, Pezhman Mosleh, has honoured me with this gift.’

Dr Molyn Leszcz, Professor of University and Psychiatrist, has written about this musical composition: ‘It is a wonderful tribute to Dr Yalom.’

Top 40 charts (NY) site introduces him: ‘He is a musician who has given speeches in different universities under topic of ‘Becoming I, Philosophy and Cinema’, ‘Music, Anti-War, a Way to Discourse’, and ‘Relation of Music with Immigration and Suffering of Loneliness’, and one of his latest speeches was a speech in the first and the best university of Iran, university of Tehran under topic of ‘Thought in Art’.

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