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Music Can Enhance a Business for Both Employees and Customers. Here’s How

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Like most businesses, you want yours to be the best it can be. Whether this is the through the products and services you provide, the prices you offer or the locations in which you are based.

That’s why music licensing company PPL PRS has compiled a list of ways playing music can positively affect your business.

Enhance the environment

Music could help set the tone, boost the mood and create a more upbeat atmosphere. In a recent survey, PPL PRS found that 60% of UK adults feel music helps them to relax. Music can help customers and employees feel more welcome and relaxed, which could improve their overall experience.

Customer engagement

Music can be an important part of day-to-day life for many people, which is why something could seem lacking if customers do not have it to listen to while they shop. Playing it in your retail store could provide a more entertaining environment, help your customers feel more engaged, and make their store visits more memorable.

PPL PRS also found that 67% of customers have left an establishment because no music was playing, and two-thirds of shoppers say that the music playing does affect their shopping habits.

Stand out from the competition

These days standing out from your competition is about much more than just how your business operates. It’s about the whole customer experience. Music could make your business unique. It can be as much a part of a business’ identity as its name or décor. Carefully selected music relatable to your business can complement your brand, distinguish you and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Employee engagement

benefit of music is that it could create a better working environment, promoting engagement, collaboration and motivation, helping to engage your staff with your business, and helping improve morale. This could lead to greater productivity and improved service levels for your customers.

Listening to music at work could relax and focus the mind, possibly preventing staff from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Also helping to improve the efficiency and quality of work, as well as help improve the satisfaction and overall engagement of your employees.

Music therapist Marianne Rizkallah working with PPL PRS offers this advice: ‘You may wish to play tracks with a faster tempo at work to turbo-charge you through your to-do list; on admin-heavy or repetitive tasks, for example. Indeed, PPL PRS further found that pop music, a generally upbeat style, is the most popular genre to power productivity at work (43%), while over a quarter (26%) of UK workers prefer rock.’

Creates personal space for customers

Allow customers a sense of privacy by playing music. The dulcet tones of seasoned singers will mask the noise of conversation. Giving customers a much-appreciated feeling of personal space within your store. This provides customers with a more comfortable shopping experience.

Customer loyalty and retention

Make customers feel more concentrated, involved and focused on their shopping experience, which could mean they stay longer and are potentially more likely to complete their purchases.

Attract new audiences

The style, volume and genre of music you play could influence the customers you attract. Music could potentially help your business generate new customers from various audiences.

Set the spending mood

Set the spending mood by creating an upbeat atmosphere. The music you play could reflect seasons, events, trends and occasions, encouraging customers to make relatable purchases as a response. The right music could influence consumer behaviour and potentially boost spending. PPL PRS found that 35% of shoppers are likelier to treat themselves when pop music is playing in a store.

Create a feel-good factor

By learning which style of music heightens that ‘feelgood’ factor at different times, you could create a space which is as much known for its atmosphere as it is for its excellent service.

Define your brand

Music could make your business unique. It can be as much a part of a business’ identity as its name or décor. The right soundtrack could reflect both your customers and your staff.

Music could help to give your business identity and ensure it retains a friendly and welcoming feel.  Not only this, but it could help your brand retain a fresh and vibrant feel. 

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