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Mushroom in Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

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According to experts, mushrooms offer a sufficient amount of vitamin B, D, fibre, protein, iron, and numerous antioxidants not only to your body but also to the fetus that is growing day by day. Even there so many varieties, especially poisonous and raw ones, should not be eaten by a woman who is about to give birth to a baby. Mushroom in pregnancy should be avoided especially. Even though there is not much research done, there is still enough evidence that explains why consuming mushrooms by a pregnant woman should be avoided.

Why should you not consume certain things when pregnant?

A number of medical experts have stated that eating a mushroom during pregnancy is not the right thing to do. The time when a woman is pregnant, any wrong food item she consumes can affect the growing fetus and give rise to severe medical issues. This is because there are specific beverages and food items that can make way till the placenta. Well,placenta is the main source of oxygen and food for a pregnant lady. Because the fetus is very sensitive when it is growing, pregnant womens should be very careful. They should keep a check on what all is being consumed throughout the day. To all the pregnant ladies, avoid consuming prescription medicines, illegal items, over-the-counter drugs, and mushrooms especially. Why you should avoid mushrooms during pregnancy is further explained.

How can mushrooms affect the body of a pregnant woman?

Consuming raw mushrooms can be extremely dangerous for your baby and the body. For people who do not know, mushrooms grow within the soil or on top of the plants. This is one primary reason why consuming them is not the right thing to do, especially if they are not well cooked. Raw mushrooms consist of carcinogens in them. This means that pregnant ladies can easily suffer from cancer and other fetus issues. Cooked mushrooms are safe for consumption.

Next, a pregnant woman should also avoid eating magic mushrooms. This is because these mushrooms include a chemical named psilocybin. This chemical easily alters the activity of the brain, affecting the fetus and body of the woman. Eating magic mushrooms simply means experiencing unwanted baby issues.

How can you consume mushrooms safely during pregnancy?

As stated above, raw mushrooms are not recommended to a pregnant lady. However, consuming mushrooms like chestnut, porcini, shiitake, button, and maitake are safe for the mother and baby. They are not only delicious but also allow the fetus to grow in the right manner. But remember not to consume magic mushrooms and uncooked ones.

The bottom line

Even though mushroom is a delicious vegetable, consuming it during pregnancy is not suggested. Make sure you keep this in mind and keep a check on everything that you consume. 

We hope this piece of information has been useful to you in understanding why consuming mushrooms is not apt for a pregnant woman. Now that you are familiar with it, make sure you become a responsible mother and look after yourself, your baby, and body.

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