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Multilevel Causal Inference with Stephen Raudenbush – Livestream Seminar

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Instats is pleased to present a new 2-day seminar by Professor Stephen Raudenbush: Hierarchical Linear Models (HLM) and Multilevel Causal Inference.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about multilevel and longitudinal data modelling and causal inference from one of the global research community’s most preeminent scholars.

As you may know, Professor Raudenbush has been one of the greatest contributors to multilevel and longitudinal modelling theory and methods over the past 40 years. He is best known for the Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM) framework, which is a complete approach to building, estimating, and interpreting complex data models in the social and health sciences.

Indeed, it would not be incorrect to say that if you’re using multilevel and longitudinal data analysis methods in your research, you are doing this in some way based on Professor Raudenbush‘s prolific and very well-cited work.

Professor Raudenbush‘s seminar will cover a variety of multilevel, longitudinal, and cross-classified modelling approaches with an emphasis on causal inference. In the seminar, these methods will be covered in detail and can be applied in various software packages for your research.

However, Instats has partnered with Scientific Software International to offer a free 60-day trial license of the newest HLM software, which will allow you to analyse your data and familiarize yourself with the kind of rigorous multilevel and longitudinal theorising and data analysis for which HLM has been known for over 20 years.

The live-streamed sessions will be recorded and made available for 30 days so that you can participate live or asynchronously. An online Q&A forum will also be monitored by Professor Raudenbush during the workshop and for the 30 days afterwards, so you can ask questions outside of the live sessions.

An Instats certificate of completion will be provided after the seminar with Professor Raudenbush, and two ECTS Equivalent points will be provided for European PhD students.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn directly from Professor Raudenbush over two days, so please share this widely with your colleagues and PhD students. Here is the full list of our upcoming live seminars, multi-seminar structured courses, and on-demand seminars.

This better reflects the nature of our purpose-driven organisation and how we serve the interests of our partners and users. If you are a research methods expert or affiliated with a research institution and would like to partner with Instats to offer a multi-day seminar or series of seminars through their platform.

We are always adding new seminars for the social and health sciences (including econometrics). We want to help you connect with the global community of PhD students and researchers who want your training.

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