Kian Zehtabian

Mother, a Marvelous Mystery

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Imagine any sentient biological entity that connects and nourishes itself for nine months from another. The caring one feeds protects, and grows the growing in itself in any kind of environment, which are primarily hostile in one way or another.

The growing one is no muscle affected by hypertrophy, nothing of a reconstructive nature, and no structure with any biological infrastructure .indeed, the father’s sperm has a role in the beginning, and there are genes thrown into the game. However, there is no guarantee for anything.

The game is very complex and dangerous. All these are utterly unimaginable even for women until they become one.

Mother is perhaps the most unique and fascinating creature in the universe. I believe her psychological effect on the child will never be erased, and she becomes an object eternally living in the depths of the mind. I always say this because if we become so proficient in pit-pointing every part of neurons of the brain, we will undoubtedly observe profound changes and formations of neurons and especially their networking after the, let’s call it, “mother experience” by the child.

Mothers are marvellous both biologically and psychologically. Their connectivity with their baby is like is strong, complicated and long-lasting. It will affect every vital part of the psychological and mental life of the child. Their mother profoundly influences their future emotional relationships, relation to the social world, inner self and everything.

I’m no psychoanalyst or its advocate, and I have been heavily researching 5ht receptors for the last two months, but how can I or anyone deny the mother’s effect on the child or the adult even years after they are grown?

How can two living being live for nine months wholly connected, and the caring unit doesn’t affect the modern obsession part of the care unit? (the contemporary obsession is neuroscience, even from my point of view as an early career psychopharmacology researcher.)

What is a mother? Or shall we ask what it feels like to be a mother?

I cannot answer that with my most likely 118-125 slowly declining IQ (I’m 25 now), but even if brainiac comes to life out of dc comics, can he answer that correctly? At last, I quoted this and chose only silence. Of which one cannot speak, one must be silent—Ludwig Wittgenstein, (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

This blog article is dedicated to my mother first and all mothers worldwide who sacrifice everything for their children. I can never repay her, but I show her I understand.

 Kian Zehtabian is a psychology graduate and mental health advocate.

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