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25 Most Stressful Cities Revealed

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Stress can be caused by a multitude of different things, from long commutes to and from work at busy times, to long working hours and slow internet speeds. These are just some of the things that can contribute to a stressful life, but when it comes to stress, which cities are leading the most stressful lives?

Eden’s Gate has taken a look at the world’s most stressed cities, by analysing metrics such as commute time, cost of living, internet speed, working hours,, and search volume for terms relating to stress reduction.

Panama comes out as the most stressed city in the world with a score of 66.4 out of 100. The average commute time in this city is 120 minutes, internet speeds are as low as 17.31 MB/s and the yearly working hours are at 2,140. 

Mumbai is the second most stressed city in the world with the average monthly cost of living costing around £715.60, including rent. Internet speed is very slow in Mumbai as well with only 17.39 MB/s and yearly working hours are a staggering 3,315 hours.

Panama, well known for its famous canal and biodiversity has come in as the most stressful city to live in. With the highest commute time of two hours every day compared to Nairobi and Hanoi which have the lowest commute time of only 30 minutes. Panama has the ninth highest combined monthly cost of living and rent coming in after; New York, Hong Kong, Chicago,Tel Aviv, Dubai, Doha, Seoul, and Beijing. The average monthly cost of living and rent is £696.14 more expensive than the cheapest city, New Delhi. 

Santiago, Chile’s capital and largest city is ranked as the least stressful city to work in. With the third quickest internet speed and the yearly working hours only being 2,150, this averages out to be 8-hour days 5 times a week. Santiago’s monthly cost of living and rent is also £2,292.39 cheaper than the most expensive city, New York. 

New York, a country many people world wide aspire to work and live in, has been ranked the third most stressful city to work in. Is it worth it? With the average commute time being a higher than average 54 minutes, New York also has the highest monthly cost of living and rent coming in at £3,122.20. This is £789.76 more expensive per month than the second most expensive city, Hong Kong. As well as being the city with the most expensive monthly cost of living and rent, it is also the city which has the highest search volume for ‘stress reduction’ coming in at 170 searches on average a month.

25 Most stressful cities to live

1. Panama
2. Mumbai
3. New York
4. Istanbul
5. Jakarta
6. New Delhi
7. Johannesburg
8. Bogotá
9. Hong Kong
10. Bangkok
11. Mexico City
12. Nairobi
13. Manila
14. Chicago
15. Hanoi
16. Tel Aviv
17. Athens
18. Dubai
19. Doha
20. Taipei
21. Seoul
22. Kuala Lumpur
23. Beijing
24. Bratislava
25. Santiago

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