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Top 10 Most Addictive Video Games, New Study Reveals

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The data revealed that the online game Rocket League was the most addictive, with 14.53% of reviews containing the term. The vehicular soccer game was only released in 2015 and is highly addictive due to its fast-paced action and its replayability value characteristics.

Littlewood followed in second place on the ranking, a huge 12.50% of the reviews listed by players contained the word addictive. Followed by Demigod with 10.77% of addictive reviews. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was number 13 on the list, with 1.58% of addictive reviews. 

There are many aspects of video games that can cause dependency, Martin Preston, founder and chief executive at Delamere, explained: ‘One of the most addictive features of games is that many do not have pre-defined ends – this is most common in MMORPG games.’

‘What this means, is that the player does not get to a point where they have completed every challenge or task, which brings the game to a natural end and allows them to move on. Instead, they are presented with continual challenges and tasks to overcome that keep them coming back again and again.’

‘High scores, are another feature within games that make them so addictive. Gamers will often try to beat their high score or try to beat a competitor, which can keep them engrossed for hours. The competitive nature of these games makes them extremely addictive for users.’

‘Another addictive element is the social aspect of online games . While we were plunged deep into lockdown, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released. A life simulation game, that allowed people to complete everyday tasks, such as shopping and gardening, from their own homes.’

‘It even allowed people to connect socially, by visiting each other’s islands. Normality was something we were uncertain about and, despite the fact the lockdown has been lifted, many people may feel more comfortable remaining in their gaming bubble.’

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