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The Most Addictive and Dangerous Hobbies of Eastern Europeans

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Having a hobby is among the things that can keep you calm and have fun after you work or study. Some hobbies can help you connect with people, acquire new skills, or even tour the globe. Some hobbies help you deal with stress. Therefore, it is essential to check for a unique hobby you can consider.

Some hobbies are dangerous for Eastern Europeans and any other person. Addictive hobbies can push people to the limit of what their bodies and minds can handle and end up having devastating results. 

Please take note of the most addictive and dangerous hobbies that Eastern Europeans should be conscious about, such as:


In any field of work, Eastern Europeans can get into trouble with gambling and not even know it. In a short time, your gambling goes from being fun and harmless to becoming an unhealthy addiction with severe consequences. You can get into trouble gambling on scratch cards, poker, roulette, or slots in a casino, at the track, or online. 

Gambling can hurt your relationships, make it hard to do your job, and cause you to lose money. You might even do things you didn’t think you would, like run up huge debts or steal money to bet. Besides, gambling addiction, also called pathological gambling, is an uncontrollable compulsion disorder. 

As a compulsive gambler, you can’t stop yourself from gambling even if it has negative repercussions for you. Like, there is no such thing as a wrong time to gamble. Even if you’re broke or can’t afford to lose, even if the odds are against you, even if you know it’s not worth it to gamble. You will still be compelled to risk. 


Many people like to do sports betting while they watch sports. At onlinesportfogadás.com are some popular websites for sports beting.  Is it as harmless as you think? With the NFL soon beginning and the NBA and NHL starting shortly after, you should learn about sports betting before betting on these games.

On the other hand, many sports networks don’t tell people about the risks of betting on sports or put these warnings in small print. Even though betting is acceptable in society and seen as a fun and normal thing for young men to do while watching sports, it can be very dangerous if you’re not careful. 

Sports betting is just like gambling, and somebody somewhere is trying to profit from your losses. To get people to bet on the underdog team, betting sites or bookmakers will offer bigger payouts if that team wins. They hope more people would then bet on the team expected to lose.


Eastern Europeans are often concerned about skydiving safety, yet they can’t entirely quit the game since they are addicted. It will help if you do not try anything new that you’re unfamiliar with when skydiving. Besides, skydiving is a risky sport because it requires a lot of complicated moves. 

The riskiest part of it is when beginners try something new, or veterans go beyond their limits when jumping. The most dangerous moments of skydiving that could occur when you jump out of a plane are: 

  • A parachute doesn’t open as planned. 
  • People who don’t lift their legs when they land can get ankle injuries. 
  • Free-fall can cause a person to get hurt. 


Gambling, betting, and sky diving are addictive and can be dangerous. People who bet and gamble are likely to reach a point in their life with a minimum return. For example, as a gambler, you can be addicted to gambling, and for you to stop, you have to look for a professional counselor. 

Besides, skydivers continue skydiving despite the countless dangerous moment they have experienced. Divers believe that the next sky jump will be safe. When you reach a point you start not to control yourself, stop and give you’re a break.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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