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Morten Tolboll is a paranormal investigator who works in meditation, dream yoga, philosophy and science. Morten holds an MA in philosophy and a minor in psychology.He has practised yoga and meditation since 1985 and has during this period developed the concept of Meditation as an Art of Life, which he has written six books on.

His special meditation-skills is on Kundalini, and how to handle it — though this not is very popular in New Age and Self-help which he has very critical relationship to (read his articles The Awakening of Kundalini and Spiritual Crises as the cause of Paranormal Phenomena).

Morten’s article The Matrix Conspiracy can be seen as an introduction to his critique of New Age and Self-help (in the article you will find supplementary links to this critique).

Today he travels around in the world as a philosophical globetrotter, life artist and idler. He campaigns against the work ethic and promote liberty, autonomy and responsibility; in reality: the fine art of doing nothing. In this he takes an anarchic approach to the everyday barriers that come between us and our dreams. Adler is in for spiritual anarchism, civil disobedience, and the right to be an idler.

When he is not travelling, he lives in Rold Forest, Denmark — meditating, fishing and foraging. In the woods he also offers philosophical counselling and cafés. This happens in connection with hiking or other events. He also offers philosophical counselling and cafés in the virtual world Second Life. His first question to all people are always: What kind of philosophy of life would you choose if money was no object?  His own way of living is based on Gift Economy.

Read more about Morten in his article The Hermeneutics of Suspicion (the thought police of the self-help industry) and why I am an apostle of loafing, especially in the part he calls Why I am an apostle of loafing.

The theme of Tolboll’s two blogs is what he calls The Peter Pan Project. You can follow him on Twitter

Credits: Morten Tolboll

Published: 16 November 2014

Last updated: 18 November 2017

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