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Moodbeam One – Tracking Mental Well-being at the Push of a Button

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Moodbeam One, is a unique wearable and connected app focused purely on tracking mental well-being. Created by healthcare tech start up, Moodbeam, is device which allows the wearer to log their emotions by pressing one of two buttons – yellow when happy and blue when sad, using mood prompts the user can set times so the device nudges the wearer to log how they feel and via mood notes add what was happening at that moment.  

By connecting to the Moodbeam app, available for both iOS and Android, the user’s responses are synced and can be viewed as a mood diary revealing the highs and lows of the day, week, month or year allowing the wearer to see the patterns and trends of how, for example, sleep or activity or lack of can affect mood.  Launched in the UK in August, early adopters include businesses pioneering workplace well-being, higher education, and the health and social care arenas.

‘How we feel is crucial to our well-being, yet it is difficult to capture, hard to talk about and often invisible. Moodbeam One enables us to have a better understanding of our moods and the stress triggers that can affect us. Importantly, the device allows the wearer to connect and share their mood diary with those who care about them or their health professional which in turn provides an opportunity to open up difficult conversations and by seeing the patterns and trends make changes for a happier life,’ said Christina Colmer McHugh, CEO of Moodbeam.

This simple, but smart wearable is water resistant and tough enough to endure day-to-day wear. It has a five-day battery life, easy to use, cable-free charging, and connects wirelessly to the Moodbeam app. The integral sleep tracker reveals how your sleep pattern affects mood, and the step counter keeps track of your daily steps. Mood data is secure and automatically backed up to the Cloud to prevent data loss.

‘We stripped back the technology on Moodbeam One and ensured that its simple and intuitive design was accessible for users of any age or ability, for example, the mood buttons are unique in colour and identification for discreet or visually impaired mood entry,’ said Jonathan Elvidge,  co-founder of Moodbeam.

‘According to the Mental Health Foundation 1 in 10 people growing up in the UK are affected by mental health problems of some kind. This needs to change, so, for every 10 Moodbeam One wearable purchased directly through the Moodbeam website we are committed to provide a Moodbeam One to someone who needs it but who may not have access to one,’ concluded Elvidge.

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