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Monique Moate is a writer, editor, and woman of colour living in Sydney with her husband and cat. Her undergraduate background is in Asian studies and anthropology; she has a postgraduate degree in editing and digital publishing from Macquarie University. Monique has worked on diverse written material, such as web content, academic writing, and copywriting.

As she has a long history of mental health conditions, her interest in psychology stems from a lived experience standpoint. She cares about mental health awareness and destigmatisation, social and racial equity, and environmental sustainability.

In addition to writing and reading, Monique loves volunteering for good causes, gaming, and travelling around East and Southeast Asia. Another interest of hers is analysing the way people use language, including written, spoken, and body language.

Monique is a regular contributor and editor at Psychreg. 



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© Copyright 2014–2023 Psychreg Ltd