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Moderation Is the Key to a Happy Life 

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Moderation should be part of life for good things, not to harm you when they are in excess. I feel that more things always harm. When there is too much of it, usually good things mean causing problems. But how do we define life? 

Confusion and ignorance

Words and ideas together depict meanings. Confusion and ignorance may sometimes feel awful. So, mere saying I don’t know is like simply shrugging our shoulders. More meaning tends to be better. Considering this, I understand that without meaning, sense leads to mere confusion. It is better to say what things mean than to let them stay in the void.

How can you have too much meaning?

First, the importance of something could be felt too strongly when we are unable to function. The relationship to hold onto something even though it is not reciprocated allows specific ideas, actions, and thoughts. So, it is necessary to block anger and fear thus feel significant with joy, optimism, and love.

Secondly, relating meaning to the intellectually strong idea can sometimes prevent you from pondering other ways of seeing things. Perspectives may be necessary to solve specific problems.

How to tell if you have too much meaning?

Many times, too much meaning in our daily lives may result in anxiety along with a perceived lack of control. Like in politics, the world goes mad; one leads over the other in wars and battles. Yet, at the same time, it makes me feel nearly powerless to control the results.

In one’s personal life, situations that may arise when overcoming a problem can’t be overlooked. Intellectually, excess of meaning might result in a rigid and tightly fixed view of the world, ideas, explanation, and reasoning. One may get stuck to encountering situations that fail to make sense to you.


Why meditation and mindfulness are such popular and effective ways to reduce emotion? Practising to ease the pain turn things into more abstract and with changed characteristics. Repeating a word a dozen times would process a meaning dissolved into parts but seem to lack connection to the purposes. I sometimes hesitate that many meditators may be of a different experience that world feels filled with a hidden specialness.

Take time to relax

Intense meanings are an essential part of living life well. Live nihilistically. Relax temporarily with your meanings of life to get out of the ruts of viewing the frustrating situations. I also suspect that there is no eternal viewpoint that will be good for all things.

So, relaxation may probably be necessary for adjustments that need to be done every once in a while. The new meanings may not be any better, but these may help see the obstacles to living life well.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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